Livello Principiante – Beginner

Perché o perciò? Come usare perché, perciò, quindi, dunque, allora

Una delle espressioni più usate e facili da usare nella lingua italiana, è l’espressione “perché”. L’espressione “perché” a differenza dell’inglese o del francese, è usata in una domanda e anche in una risposta. Es. Perché studi l’italiano? Studio l’italiano perché mi piace andare in vacanza in Italia. Non ci sono differenze di scrittura quando usiamo perché nella domanda o quando…

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How to express yourself in Italian without translating literally from English

The question “how old are you?” is the example I often use to try to stop my students translating everything they want to say very literally from English to Italian. The literal translation of “how old are you?” in Italian would be “quanto vecchio sei tu?” Here, we have two problems: first the position of the subject, verb and adjective,…

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Journey to Italy: Italian vocabulary for transport and travel

Learning how to speak Italian can be an amazingly satisfying and fun experience, provided you approach this wonderful language with the appropriate self-motivation and in the most favourable environment (such as an Italian language course at our Italian language school in Rome ? ). Studying Italian in Italy with a full immersion in the Italian culture is always the best way to learn Italian language, especially if you consider…

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