When you start to learn Italian, the first lesson is on Italian alphabetnumbers from 0 to 20 and how to introduce yourself in Italian.

Ripetiamo l’alfabeto

learn beginner italian

I numeri italiani> Listen & repeat CLICK HERE 

 Lesson number 2:Verb to be and verb to have

Lesson number 3: articoli indeterminativi, aggettivi

Examples and activities with the verb fare (to do)

Lesson 4: Form and use of Present tense

Learn basic Italian phrases: how to introduce yourself 

Learn Italian with songs: E penso a te,Lucio Battisti  Per te, Jovanotti

Quiz:Parole italiane

Practice the basic Italian grammar with crosswords and interactive activities: la famigliaaggettivi, i giorni della settimana,  Presente:verbi regolari e irregolari 1,    Presente: 2

Why, which,what, when..
Learn Italian greetings:ciao,buongiorno,buonasera,salve,arrivederci…

Test your Italian with this quiz

تعلم اللغة الإيطالية في إيطاليا



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