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What is rosa (pink).

Rosa is a ribbon hanged on the front door to announce a girl’s birth.

Rosa is a chick book un romanzo rosa or some gossips on a tabloid cronaca rosa.

Rosa is the rose quartz or a learner’s permit il foglio rosa.

Rosa is the traditional Italian female name.

Rosa is part of the Italian idiom which describes the Italian positive approach to life il futuro è rosa.

Rosa is the lovely song by Lucio Battisti Con il Nastro Rosa.

Here in Puglia, rosa is the colour of primavera, announced by the peach trees blooming at their best.

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Learn Italian idiomatic expressions, traditions and colours

Verde (green) is a free telephone number, numero verde.  Verde d’invidia is an envying person but sono al verde when I am broke.

Azzurro is the Italian light blue to describe the sky and the sea and the title of a famous Italian song by Adriano Celentano. Azzurri is our national football team while Principe Azzurro is our Prince charming and finally azzurro is a ribbon hanged on the front door to announce a boy’s birth.

Rosso (red) is the wine at the restaurant. Rosso is used to describe passion and love, rosso fuoco (flame red/ bright red) is also your flashy new car and probably, your bank account will be in rosso after that. But tonight, before going home, buy a lovely pesce rosso (gold fish) for your son.

Giallo (yellow) is a  girasole (sunflower) but also a book (detective story) or a film. Giallo is definitely a story with Inspector Montalbano. Giallo is the colour of mimosa (the acacia flower), a traditional Italian present to women on the Woman’s Day.



Bianco (white) is your wine at the restaurant (always pairing with fish in Italy) but  mangiare in bianco is what you do if you don’t feel well (eat plain food).

Nero (black) is  for una giornata nera, when everything goes wrong and most probably after a gatto nero (black cat) jinxed your day.

by Michela, teacher & director@ lacanto.it in Salento, Puglia

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Dogs, cats, birds, gold fishes… it’s becoming increasingly common for Italian people to keep animals at home and a growing number of Italians consider their cat or dog not just a pet but a member of the family.

Most people choose a dog due to its loyalty and intelligence. Usually dogs, even the small varieties, provide their owners with a feeling of protection. So if your dog barks maybe something unusual is going on… But don’t be afraid to get close to it, can che abbia non morde (barking dogs don’t bite)! And if you are planning to add a new pet to the family and are thinking to get a cat, please think twice and remember the old saying essere come cane e gatto (to fight like cat and dog). Regarding the cat, it’s known to be a smart and clever animal. That’s why quando il gatto non c’è i topi ballano (while the cat’s away the mice will play). Otherwise, if you hate noises and are looking for a calm animal, I think a gold fish could be the right solution for you. Your fish will keep you company and you could talk to it about anything… it will remain muto come un pesce (quiet as a mouse)!idiomatic expression

Some people prefer to get a bird, maybe because birds are known to be extremely intelligent and very social. Ok, it’s true, you can spend a lot of time interacting with it, but don’t forget that birds love freedom and maybe someday your bird could become un uccell di bosco (to be nowhere to be found) and leave you alone…

Pesce: Don’t worry, I will keep your secrets!

Topi: If the cat is away, we begin to dance!

by Alessia Accorrà, teacher@  Kappa Language school in Rome

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