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Here find free resources for Italian learners. Learn how to describe people’s physical appearance.

Describing is one of the most common and important communicative acts of all, and physical descriptions are always one of the thoughest obstacles an Italian Language Student has to overcome when approaching this wonderful language. The sheer nature of Italian inflection, in both verbs and nouns, together with the range of vocabulary a student has to learn, often turn the task of simply describing a person into an embarassing experience.

But since we really love you and we want you to communicate effectively in Italian even at the first stages of your learning experience, here’s to you a brand new infographic about physical descriptions in Italian.


by Enrico, teacher @ Kappa Language School in Rome

physical description in Italian

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Click play and learn how to use and forme th reflexive verbs in Italian with this slide presentation. Then continue with the grammar activities and video practice.

Buona lezione, Antonio

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Practice with this fill the gap exercise on reflexive verbs: Fill the gaps

Click and learn : consolidate the Present tense in Italian

Lesson 7: Italian pronouns

Lesson 8: Passato prossimo

PRATICA: Guarda il video e descrivi le azioni che fa la mattina il signor Fantozzi


Study Italian in Italy: Rome, Sorrento, Montepulciano, Todi and more

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