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From 20 September  to 1 October, Raindance Film Festival  & Italian Cultural Institute at the Vue West End (Leicester Square)  present a great selection of Italian contemporary films.

Here you have the full list and links. 

Children of the Night by Andrea de Sica

Golden Door by Emanuele Crialese

Terraferma by Emanuele Crialese

There is a light by Fabio Mollo

Viola, Franca by Marta Savia

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Cinema Made in Italy is offering the chance for you and a friend to go to an exclusive screening of the Italian film, I WAS A DREAMER (Il più grande sogno) at Ciné Lumière  on Sunday 5th of March at 6.40

I WAS A DREAMER (Il più grande sogno)

Director: Michele Vannucci – 100 mins

Cast: Mirko Frezza, Alessandro Borghi, Vittorio Viviani, Milena Mancini, Ivana Lotito, Ginevra De Carolis

Mirko is a 39 year old father of two, who returns home after an eight year stint in jail. He dreams of being given a second chance, and attempts to leave behind a life of violence and petty crime once and for all. The perfect opportunity arises when he is unexpectedly elected president of the neighborhood committee in his local area in a run-down suburb of Rome. Before long, Mirko starts putting all his energy into transforming the lives of those around him, setting up a soup kitchen and food bank, and even persuading fellow down-and-outs to grow tomatoes on a nearby allotment. Little by little, he manages to reconcile with his two daughters, and prepare for the arrival of his third child, which his ever-patient wife is expecting. Michele Vannucci met lead actor Mirko Frezza when he was auditioning for his graduation film in 2012. Hanging out with him for three years inspired Vannucci to write the screenplay for I Was a Dreamer, which is based on Mirko’s real-life experiences.

To be in with a chance of winning tickets to the screening on  a pair of tickets to I WAS A DREAMER (Il più grande sogno) on Sunday 5th March at 6.40

All you have to do is answer this simple question: Who is the director of  the Italian film Ladri di biciclette?

  1. Roberto Rossellini
  2. Federico Fellini
  3. Vittorio De Sica

Email your response to Megan.Jones@premiercomms.com before the entry deadline – TUESDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2017, 2:00PM – the winner will be notified by email.

You can also buy tickets now by visiting  www.institut-francais.org.uk 


Cinema Made in Italy 1-5 March 2017

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More than 150 Cinema del Reale professionals (thanks to italiandoc.it – the largest Italian documentary film archive) have nominated five finalists for the Doc/it Professional Award for Best Italian Documentary of the Year. Viewers from Italy and across Europe will vote to decide the winner of the Audience Award offered by the 100autori association.



Tuesday 5 May, 6.30pm


2013 – 98’

Stop the Pounding Heart directed by ROBERTO MINERVINI

Sara is the oldest sibling in a family of goat farmers and has been brought up according to the strict edicts of the Bible. The film explores adolescence, family, social values and gender roles in rural America.

book now
Friday 8 May, 6.30pm


2014 – 96’

SmoKings directed by MICHELE FORNASERO

The Messina brothers, owners of Yesmoke, a small Italian cigarette factory, decide to take on the tobacco multinationals at their own game.

Followed by a Q&A with the director.

book now
Tuesday 12 May, 6.30pm


2013 – 88’

The Stone River directed by GIOVANNI DON FRANCESCO

The small town cemetery described by Edgar Lee Masters in the celebrated Spoon River Anthology appears to exist in reality: the town of Hope is in Vermont and has a large Italian population.

book now
Friday 15 May, 6.30pm


2013 – 72’

Dal profondo directed by VALENTINA PEDICINI

Where do we end up when we die? Underground, we have always been told. Dal Profondo shifts perspective to show lives hidden 500 metres below ground, and the life of one woman: Patrizia, Italy’s only female miner.

book now
Tuesday 19 May, 6.30pm

Sacro Gra

2013 – 93’

Sacro GRA directed by GIANFRANCO ROSI

Rome’s GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare) is Italy’s longest urban motorway. Few think of it as an urban space to explore. Gianfranco Rosi, turning his eye to his own country, decided to spend three years getting lost in this unique landscape.



Free screenings, book online


Italian Cultural Institute, 39 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8NX

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NEW TERM STARTS ON THE 18th  of January 2013 

The Italian Cultural Institute is the official Italian government centre for the promotion of the Italian culture and language, offering a wide choice of Italian classes.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, whether you want Italian for business or pleasure, we can help you perfect your language skills at a level that suits your needs, and times and days that suit your schedule. You can keep up to date with Italian culture by taking advantage of exciting Institute events, such as films, plays, concerts, lectures, books and poetry readings, and exhibitions.

The link to download enrolment form is www.icilondon.info

You can enroll in person at the office, Monday to Friday, 10.00 ˆ 17.00 and Saturday 12.00 to 15.00, or you can send an enrollment form and payment by post to: Italian Courses Office at ITALIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE 

39 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8NX

Monday to Friday, 2 – 5pm Tel 020 7823 1887

email: courses@icilondon.info


NEW TERM STARTS ON THE 18th  of January 2013 there is still time to enroll!!!

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Tomorrow the retrospective of the work of the Italian director Paolo Virzì kicks off.

More than 10 movies from Virzì  in 5 days, he has mastered the art of using tragi-comic characters and outlandish situations to make serious comments on modern-day Italy and its social issues.

The Italian Cinema London team looks forward to welcoming you to this latest event at Riverside Studios, buona visione.


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Watching a film in Italian, either at home or in class, is one of my students’ favourite activities to improve their language. And who can blame them!  Films provide full immersion in Italian culture!

Let’s start with the soundtrack. Italy has some truly great film score composers (or ‘maestri‘) who are now almost as famous as their director colleagues. Film scores often powerfully evoke a particular historic period. Just think about La Dolce Vita, and perhaps you can hear the Nino Rota track in your head!

Then there’s location. From North to South, from Rome to Naples, from the mountains to the sea, watching an Italian film is one long, pleasant trip to Italy!

And finally, consider the language itself.You can watch, listen and learn. Different accents, a spot of dialect and the everyday Italian language and authentic dialogue you don’t often find in a textbook. You can find it all here. Film provides some hugely valuable insights into the country, its people, culture and language. So, now just choose your film, sit back and enjoy!

Buona visione, Antonio

Un classico: Ladri di biciclette also known as The Bicycle Thief, is a 1948 Italian neorealist film directed by Vittorio De Sica. It tells the story of a poor man searching the streets of Rome for his stolen bicycle, which he needs to be able to work.

Una commedia:   Pranzo di ferragostoMid-August lunch). The table is set for this very Italian, very funny, yet touching movie. It captures the essence of living the Italian life and the universal need for friendship and human contact at any age.

 Pane e tulipani (Bread and Tulips)  is a romantic Italian comedy. The film is by Italian director Silvio Soldini. After being forgotten in a highway café during a bus trip, a housewife decides to start a new life by herself in Venice.

Drammatico: Un borghese piccolo piccolo, literally meaning a petty petty bourgeois, also known in English as A Very Little Man,  is a 1977 Italian drama film directed by Mario Monicelli. It is based on the novel of the same name written by Vincenzo Cerami. The first hour is a fine example of commedia all’italiana but the second part is a psychological drama and a tragedy.

Un giallo:  Le conseguenze dell’amore also known as The Consequences of Love   is a 2004 Italian psychological thriller film directed by Paolo Sorrentino. It tells the story of a lonely and secretive Italian businessman living in a Swiss hotel.

 Drammatico, La meglio gioventù, (2003), an Italian epic that follows the lives of two brothers, from the 1960s to the 2000s.

Un’altra commediaMine Vaganti (Loose Cannons), Tommaso is the youngest son of the Cantones, a large, traditional southern Italian family operating a pasta-making business since the 1960s. On a trip home from Rome, where he studies literature and lives with his boyfriend, Tommaso decides to tell his parents the truth about himself.

Una commedia “religiosa“:Habemus Papam,(We Have a Pope) is a 2011 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Nanni Moretti. Its original title is Habemus Papam, Latin for “We have a pope”, the phrase used upon the announcement of a new pope. The film stars Michel Piccoli as a cardinal who, against his wishes, is elected pope. Moretti co-stars as a psychiatrist who is called in to help the pope overcome his panic.

Drammatico: Il gioiellino  (The Jewel)  The movie helps to understand the largest bankrupt in Italian history, the description of  how the CEO and CFO Parmalat hide a huge debt before collapsing.

Un giallo: Io Non Ho Paura (I’m Not Scared) is the story of a young boy in southern Italy that finds a child who has been kidnapped. Based on a true story. Director: Gabriele Salvatores

Un capolavoro:La grande bellezza (The Great beauty) Jep Gambardella, a 65-year-old journalist and once promising novelist, spends his easy life among Rome s high society in a swirl of rooftop parties and late-night soirees. But when he learns of the death of his friend s wife a woman he loved as an 18-year-old his life is thrown into perspective and he begins to see the world through new eyes. Director:Paolo Sorrentino

Un altro classico:Nuovo Cinema Paradiso A filmmaker recalls his childhood, when he fell in love with the movies at his village’s theater and formed a deep friendship with the theater’s projectionist.

Un premio Oscar: La vita è bella ( Life Is Beautiful) is a 1997 Italian comedy-drama film directed by and starring Roberto Benigni. Benigni plays Guido Orefice, a Jewish Italian book shop owner, who must employ his fertile imagination to shield his son from the horrors of internment in a Nazi concentration camp. Part of the film came from Benigni’s own family history; before Roberto’s birth, his father had survived three years of internment at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

Drammatico: Il capitale umano (Human Capital)The destinies of two families are irrevocably tied together after a cyclist is hit off the road by a jeep in the night before Christmas Eve.

Where to study Italian

Un giallo da premio Oscar: Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto (Investigation of a citizen above suspicion ) is a 1970 Italian crime drama film directed by Elio Petri. It is a dramatic, psychological, black-humoured satire on corruption in high office, telling the story of a top police officer, played by Gian Maria Volonté, who kills his mistress, played by Florinda Bolkan, and then tests whether the police would charge him for this crime.

Una commedia: Il nome del figlio ( An Italian name), The extrovert Paolo and the beautiful Simona are expecting. At a dinner with Betta and Sandro, the refined and literate couple, and Claudio, the eccentric musician, one question will lead to an argument that will shake up the night: the name of Paolo and Simona’s son.

Una commedia: Smetto quando voglio ( I can quit whenever I want) A university researcher is fired because of the cuts to university. To earn a living he decides to produce drugs recruiting his former colleagues, who despite their skills are living at the margins of society.

Una giornata particolare (A Special Day):  is a 1977 Italian film directed by Ettore Scola and starring Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. Set in Rome in 1938, its narrative follows a woman and her neighbor who stay home the day Adolf Hitler visits Benito Mussolini. The film has received several nominations and awards, including a César Award for Best Foreign Film in 1978 and two Oscar nominations in 1977, and it is featured on the list of the 100 Italian films to be saved.

Comedy, crime and drama in Mio fratello è figlio unico (My brother is an only child) Growing up in small-town Italy during the ’60s and ’70s, brothers Accio (Elio Germano) and Manrico (Riccardo Scamarcio) embody and celebrate opposing political stances, but share an impassioned love of the same woman that threatens to drive them to blows.

 La pazza gioia (Like Crazy) another comedy and drama. This is a 2016 Italian film directed by Paolo Virzì, starring Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Micaela Ramazzotti. It tells the story of two women with different backgrounds who become friends while being treated at a mental institution.

To be continued….


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Cinema Made in Italy
Fri 9 – Thu 15 Mar

For film and events click here

Ciné Lumière is proud to host the second annual edition of the Italian Film Festival, with its new evocative title Cinema Made in Italy, organised by the Italian Cultural Institute and Cinecittà Luce. The launch week, from 8 to 15 March, will feature no less than 13 outstanding films at Ciné Lumière, most of them UK premieres, a wildly diverse selection that ranges from the science fiction drama The Last Man on Earth to the bittersweet teen romance Summer of Giacomo. Eight films have been chosen by Paolo Mereghetti, one of the foremost film critics, and two by Adrian Wooton, Chief Executive of Film London. For the rest of the month, screenings of Italian films on the theme of sport, in honour of the Olympic year, will take place in the Georgian splendour of the Italian Cultural Institute itself.

made in italy italian institute

Continue on : Institut Francais

Full programme: Italian Cultural Institute



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