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Here in Mesagne, Puglia we had a hot and good summer enjoying our friends, students from over the world and the Italian good food and a lot of local Apulian festivals and folklore.

When in summer you decide to visit Puglia (Apulia), have a chance to tour the interesting sites by trying and tasting the different Italian caffè & gelati in each place. That is such a helpful and smart idea in order to overcome the heat: discover and taste all the different and yummy coffees served in Puglia.



On your arrival have the first caffè freddo con ghiaccio (single espresso with ice): in Brindisi, facing the lovely view of the ancient Roman port with the Roman column marking the end of the ancient Appian way.

italian gelati


Then start driving up to the hill, and stop in Ostuni, having first gelato nocciola e pistacchio and then a good espressino freddo (macchiato with one cube of ice) and pretend to be a Pugliese, sitting in the square and people watching.



granita caffe


With the right energy, you will be ready to join the Apulian  inland and wondering in the fantastic hilly countryside with its red lands, vineyards, olive groves and magic trulli. Suddenly you will end up in the picturesque and authentic town of Cisternino near Alberobello and already at the bar in piazza asking granita di caffè con panna (coffee slushy with fresh whipped cream), to be tasted walking along  the white streets in the peaceful and amazing historic centre.

Once finished your granita it is time to visit the gentle and elegant Martina Franca, in the lovely Valle d`Itria and ask the handsome barista:”Un caffè shakerato per favore!”( freshly made espresso with a bit of sugar, and lots of ice)

And why not, a second gelato con mandorla e torroncino,  great flavours!

You might think that you had all the kind of coffees, but you are wrong… the new day will start with one more good flavour in Lecce: caffè con latte di mandorla ( coffee with almond milk)…

lecce duomo


Last but not least, you will be sipping and having your caffè in Lecce, facing the Cathedral, part of a magnificent wide square of baroque buildings where the setting is spectacular. The interior is based on the Latin cross and was completed in 1659.


 Let’s recap…

 In Italy at the bar (cafè) you can say: Prendo/Per me/ Vorrei…..con ….( Can I have/ For me/ I would like….with….)

caffè espresso> single espresso

espressino> macchiato

caffè shakeratofreshly made espresso with a bit of sugar, and lots of ice

caffè con latte di mandorla> freshly made espresso with ice and almond milk

latte freddo/caldo> cold/hot milk

Don’t forget: During your Italian holiday when you ask for a “latte”  you get plain milk, or worse yet, steamed milk but the term as used in English is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk, shortened form of the Italian caffè latte or caffellatte, which means “milk coffee”. For example:” Per me un caffè latte con un cornetto vuoto per favore!”( For me a latte with a butter croissant please)

Buon viaggio e buon caffè!

by Michela, teacher @ lacanto.it, Puglia

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Whether you’re looking for a quiet, intimate evening with that special someone, or want to dance the night away with a group of friends, Sorrento and nearby Sant’Agnello have plenty of nightlife options. Italians like their meals big, and dinner tends to be late. There are literally dozens of restaurants with everything from multi-course Fine Dining to lighter fare, including the regions specialty: pizza!
The narrow streets of Sorrento’s centro storico are alive with cafes, clubs and restaurants which become extremely crowded during the sweet summer nights. Locals as well as newcomers love sitting on the terrace of the Fauno Bar, enjoying an aperitivo (aperitif) and people-watching till late into the evening.
Other popular venues for pre- and post dinner drinks are, of course, the romantic terraces of the many historic hotels.

Spring and summer are a special time in Sorrento as music festivals and other musical programs are staged in venues throughout town. Some of the most popular are the concerts at the Albergo Cocumella, Sant’Agnello, and those at the cloister of San Francesco, Piazza Francesco Saverio Gargiulo. Contact the tourist office for a schedule of events, including those staged at many restaurants and taverns in town.

For dancing and more lively entertainment, head to Piazza Tasso and the nightclub Fauno Notte Club. It offers a colorful Tarantella Show – the frenetic traditional folk dance – between stretches of DJ music. Sorrento Musical is a revue of Neapolitan songs hosted by Teatro Tasso, Piazza Sant’Antonino (tickets about 21€ ). Live music (a changing menu of pop, folk, jazz, etc.) can also be heard at Circolo dei Forestier.

For more leisurely entertainment, we love the laid-back atmosphere at Chantecler -there’s dancing at weekends and there is always some food. Other choices are Chaplin’s Video Pub and the English Inn; located across from each other.  Both stock a good selection of beers and have a lively atmosphere, sometimes a bit too lively on summer evenings!  You’ll find the crowd is made up of a mix of nationalities depending on the season.

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