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Everyone has heard by now about Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an Oscar. It’s the biggest internet news since that blue/black, gold/white dress that sent everyone into a panic. But another big name has waited quite awhile to receive his own oscar. While Ennio Morricone did receive an honorary oscar in 2007 for his contributions to the musical and cinematic community, he had yet to win one for a specific compostion he had done, UNTIL this past academy awards when he won for best soundtrack of the marvelous movie, The Hateful Eight directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Morricone is a composer of many kinds of genres, however, he started off working in the so called Spaghetti Western genre. For those who don’t know what Spaghetti Western is, it is a class of western movies produced and directed by Italians in Italy. The term was first coined by American movie critics after Sergio Leone made his mark on the cinematic culture with masterpieces such as A Fistful Od Dollars and The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. Morricone started in music around the age of 12, studying at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome. He was first nominated for an oscar in 1979, and was nominated several more times until 2007.

Learn Italian in Rome

Quentin Tarantino has always been a big fan of the Italian music legend, and has used Morricone’s compositions in several of his other movies, such as Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, and in both Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. However, Morricone had never actually written an original soundtrack for Tarantino, confirming the general reputation of master Quentin amongst the movie estabilishment (“he is like that beautiful but yet awkward woman everyone likes very much but nobody actually has the courage to approach”, a critic once said). That until the director convinced Morricone to compose the soundtrack for The Hateful Eight. But Morricone, having accepted the job just two weeks before starting to work on another soundtrack, actually made use of a some scraps from the soundtrack of John Carpenter’s masterpiece The Thing which he wrote originally in 1982.

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While Morricone has a worked in a wide range of genres and some of his pieces are extremely well-known, here are a selection of some lesser known compositions of his.

Similar to the superfamous theme from Once Upon A Time In America, there is the delicate oboe piece from the movie The Mission (directed by Roland Joffé, starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons) sounds delicate, intriguing and heartfelt, perfectly matching the atmosphere of the scene, in which father Gabriel and the Guarani tribesmen get to know each other through music.

From the movie with the same title directed by Alberto Bevilacqua, this dreaming suite pictures perfectly the intriguing traits of the movie’s main carachter, played by an outstanding Romy Schneider.

Do you agree with our list? Would you like to add some more titles? Post your own two cents in the comment section!

by Enrico, teacher@ Kappa language school, Rome

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As you might have read if you are even just a little bit into italian pop culture, this year’s edition of  Sanremo Italian song festival has crowned Il Volo with the winning title.

Although this has been the most viewed edition in the last ten years, a lot of criticism has spread around the web. To many youngsters Sanremo still looks like an awful ruin of the days of old, something good to cheer up, once per year, the boring evenings of some nostalgic granpa around the Belpaese. And this might be true indeed, if you think that the (not so) dynamic trio that have triumphed last Saturday is offering an image of the canzone italiana which seems taken by brute force from the golden age of Mr. Volare, with a smart addition of some harmless features of modern pop music and a clear reference to the tradition of Italian pop opera (Andrea Bocelli, anyone?).


To set the record straight, we should aknowledge that these three boys were discovered and basically put together by Antonella Clerici during her dreadful talent show, aired every Saturday evening and called Ti lascio una canzone, in which a bunch of enfants prodiges (aged from 6 to 12) were given the opportunity to cover classics of the canzone italiana in an exhausting competition that have moved more than an housewife all over Italy. Nevertheless, ever since their winning exploit in Clerici’s show (year 2009), Il Volo have been able to climb international charts (Barbara Streisand seems to like them very much) but were basically unknown in their native country. This until last Saturday, when their melodic mixture of cheesy love lyrics and cheap references to the lyrical tradition seemed to have charmed the whole audience of the Festival. And this might be a good thing, right? Finally we are openly praising what foreigners really like about us, embracing the so called “made in Italy” and giving it some dignity even within national borders! Yay!

But can this nostalgic and pointless mixture of cliches be the only way we have to export our culture? To use a less engaging metaphor: do we have to overcook pasta to make it enjoyable by people all around the world? I don’t think so. And I think that Italian music, even in these times of social and cultural crisis, has much more to offer than a trio of teenagers that look and sound like IIWW veterans.

by Enrico, Italian teacher at Kappa Language school

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Italian songs


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A three day festival across three venues in East London: showcasing an exhilarating diversity of new music across a multitude of genres and countries, this year including Italy.

M&F LONDON 2014 will feature  premieres of new works from Elliot Galvin, Shabaka Hutchings, James Allsopp, Rebecca Sneddon & Lunch Money 

M&F LONDON 2014 will be broadcast live online to the world through Screensaverlive.tv on October 3

– M&F LONDON 2014 will feature some of the UK and Europe’s most exciting acts like Italian band Nohaybandatrio  from Italy, breaking genre barriers, challenging convention and producing innovative live sounds including: 

Lazy Habits, The Comet Is Coming, Pixel, Lana Trio w/ John Butcher, Snorkel, The Physics House Band, Bellatrix and many more.

Nohaybandatrio, created in 2004 and based in Rome, consists of Fabio Recchia (bass/guitar), Marcello Allulli (sax/electronics), and Emanuele Tomasi(drums/percussion).A diverse blend of musical influences, Nohaybandatrio’s sound ranges from post-rock to funk and math-rock to progressive-jazz whilst never losing an integral focus on harmony and melody. The simultaneous playing of drums/percussion,bass/guitar, sax/electronics, and the creative way these elements interact witheach other make it a not-to-be-missed live experience.

The Vortex / Rich Mix / Cafe Oto, London, N16 / E1 / E8, United Kingdom,


Listen now to all bands on SoundCloud

All Tickets sold here

Read more

Follow Match & Fuse Festival on Facebook


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Domenico Modugno was an Italian singersongwriter and actor. He is known for his 1958 international hit song “Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)” that was his signature song.

“Meraviglioso” is one of the most beautiful song he sang but it wasn’t a big hit when it came out in 1968, only later, after many years and today  with a new version from the young Italian rock band Negramaro.

1)Completa i verbi

Domenico Modugno: biografia

Domenico Modugno nasc__il 9 gennaio 1928 a Polignano a Mare in provincia di Bari, h__ due fratelli maggiori, Vito Antonio detto Tonino e Giovanni detto Giannino, e una sorella maggiore, Teresa.

Mimmo a 7 anni inizi__ ad andare a scuola e si ambient__ nella sua nuova residenza, impar__ il dialetto vernacolo sanpietrano che pu__ ricordare il siciliano; in questo dialetto scriv__ le sue prime canzoni.

Durante l’adolescenza impar__ a suonare la chitarra, grazie agli insegnamenti del padre Vito Cosimo, e la fisarmonica, mentre nel 1945 compon__ le sue due prime canzoni, che tuttavia non incid__ mai.

Nel frattempo frequent__ l’Istituto di Ragioneria a Lecce. Nel 1947 si trasferisc__, all’insaputa del padre, a Torino per cercare fortuna, e lavor__ prima come cameriere e poi come apprendista gommista. Il freddo che patisc__ nel capoluogo piemontese, all’epoca capitale del cinema italiano, gli riman__ nell’anima.

Nel 1949, dopo il servizio militare a Bologna ritorna a San Pietro Vernotico e si cresc__ i baffi. In questo periodo inizi__ a esibirsi come suonatore di fisarmonica nei festini di paese con serenate alle giovani ragazze con il suo gruppo storico di amici e conquist__la fama di sciupafemmine per via del suo aspetto fisico e delle sue doti artistiche straordinarie.

Divent__ uno dei protagonisti della musica leggera italiana ed internazionale quando, con Nel blu dipinto di blu, trionfa al Festival di Sanremo 1958.

Scriv__ il testo di questa canzone insieme a Franco Migliacci, con il quale cooper__ in molti momenti della carriera. Il brano è tradotto successivamente in ben 13 lingue.

Controlla qui:Biografia di Domenico Modugno


Sing and learn: Meraviglioso di Domenico Modugno


Clicca qui: Meraviglioso di Modugno:ascolta la canzone e completa il testo

angelo/ bambino/ dolore/ donna/ intorno/ mare/ mare/ mattino/ mondo/ notte/ ponte/ sapore/ scura/ sole/ voglia

È vero
credetemi è accaduto
di notte su di un (1)_______
guardando l’acqua (2)_______
con la dannata (3)_______
di fare un tuffo giù
D’un tratto
qualcuno alle mie spalle
forse un (4)_______
vestito da passante
mi portò via dicendomi così

ma come non ti accorgi
di quanto il (5)_______ sia

perfino il tuo (6)_______
potrà guarire poi

Ma guarda (7)_______ a te
che doni ti hanno fatto:
ti hanno inventato
il (8)_______ !
Tu dici non ho niente
Ti sembra niente il (9)_______!
La vita

il bene di una (10)_______
che ama solo te
La luce di un (11)_______
l’abbraccio di un amico
il viso di un (12)_______

Ma guarda intorno a te
che doni ti hanno fatto:
ti hanno inventato
il (13)_______!
Tu dici non ho niente
Ti sembra niente il sole!
La vita

La (14)_______ era finita
e ti sentivo ancora
(15)_______ della vita
Meraviglioso …

Controlla qui le tue risposte

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The Italian social party is back with… “Fashion and Design Aperitivo
This time we are celebrating the Italian Language in a furniture showroom where you can admire the best of Italian design and sample one ( or more 🙂 of the country’s most famous aperitifs .… SPRITZ!
… while enjoying some great Italian food and Italian live music! 


Where: .IT “All About Design” 20-22 Rosebery Avenue , London EC1R 4SX
•Tube: Chancery Lane / Farringdon
•When: March 5th Wednesday from 7.30pm
•Entry: £.10,00 / £.12,00 (on the door)

Spritz and nibbles included


Antonio – antonio.lucicesare@gmail.com
Giuseppe – gamoroso77@gmail.com

Italian live music by Joey ‘n Blaze

Booking: Highly recommended to avoid disappointment

Study Italian in Italy


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Ciao amici, The Italian social party is back on the 20th of June!

Let’s practice Italian together while enjoying a glass of wine with a slice of pizza and you can win a free Italian course at the Italian Cultural Institute!!!

Come along to our Italian social event in Goodge St, a wonderful opportunity to socialise with other Italian speakers.

There will be Italian music (pianist and Opera singer), games, food and wine.

Bring your friends (especially your Italian friends!) with you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to win a Free Italian Course at the Italian Cultural Institute or £ 50 voucher for Spaghetti House restaurants.

Italian social party

Spaghetti House

15 Goodge St W1T 2PQ

(nearest tube stations: Goodge st and Tottenham court Road)

Thursday June 20th from 7,30 pm

RSVP to Giuseppe by email: gamoroso77@gmail.com

Antonio: antonio.lucicesare@gmail.com

Entrance is £10, which includes a glass of wine and food

Cash Bar also available

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Ti piace la musica?

Ascolta la radio per imparare e migliorare la lingua italiana. Quando ascolti la radio, puoi anche conoscere le nuovi canzoni italiane. Su internet trovi musica, canzoni, video e notizie online. Qui sotto trovi una lista delle più importanti radio italiane e le radio che consiglio per i miei studenti.

Clicca sul nome della radio e buon ascolto….Antonio


I siti delle più importanti radio italiane

La radio ufficiale della Rai è Radio Rai con diversi canali.  Radio1 è la capolista con notizie e musica, radio2 propone musica leggera, tanti programmi divertenti e infine radio3, che parla di cultura in tutte le forme, letteratura, poesia, arte e scienza e su cui puoi ascoltare tanta musica classica.

Radio Italia: solo musica italiana vecchia e nuova.

Deejay: la radio della musica internazionale con tanti programmi giovani e divertenti.

Radio Capital: tanta musica di qualità e programmi interessanti.

Musica classica: musica classica e jazz e tanta informazione economico-finanziaria.

Una web-radio per gli studenti d’italiano: AperItalia con Kappa Language School

Ascoltareradio.com  è un sito che offre la possibiltà di ascoltare in streaming molte radio italiane e offre anche di avere gratuitamente un app sul tuo telefonino.

Canzoni italiane e attività per studenti d’italiano


Study Italian in Italy

How to learn Italian in 5 steps


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When I ask my students if they know any Italian songs or singers, they always mention Italian singers that were famous 20/30 years ago.  If they have to describe Italian songs they use adjectives like sentimental, romantic and at the very worst, cheesy!  But Italian music isn’t just about love, broken hearts and tears.

When you learn a language it’s good to have different tools – learning a language using songs is relaxing and fun, and can help you to enjoy the learning activity.  You’ll find that you can memorise the exercise much more quickly than with a written grammar exercise.

Italian songs we 

Allora, let’s try to write the first ILEARNITALIAN playlist: listen, learn and sing!

Your first Italian song: E penso a te, Lucio Battisti

An ironic, bittersweet Italian song presented by a weird and funny video of the Italian singer Max Gazzè, Annina

A summer song: Vento d’estate

Per te is a song by the Italian deejay then singer Jovanotti for his daughter.

Find the opposite verbs and revise “passato prossimo” with a romantic slow song: La prima cosa bella

Do you hate pronouns in grammar? Try to revise them with this song: E tu come stai by Claudio Baglioni.

Friends,  a glass of whisky and life, a classic Italian song (with imperfect tense): Quattro amici al bar.

Great video, good rhythm and a lot of new words to learn, build your vocaboulary with “Coinquilini” Davide Zilli.

A great voice and a simple song that’s easy to follow  for beginners (present tense, present progressive): Sto pensando a te, Vasco Rossi

And finally, a modern romantic song that’s simple to sing: Dove ho visto te by Lorenzo Cherubini

For advanced students: E se domani è un 45 giri della cantante italiana Mina, pubblicato nel 1964.


Buon ascolto,


Have you got a question for us?Email it to antonio.lucicesare@gmail.com

Italian radio:listen online


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Getsemani at the Italian Cultural Institute

SARDINIA ROCKS! Winners of the Italiawave Sardinia in 2008, Getsemani, will be taking the stage by storm with their particular music compositions. Hailing from Ozieri and Orani, the band comprises of Daniele Sanna (guitar), Dario Masala (bass) and Alberto Ferrero (drummer).

Anything missing? The band has no voice as they believe that the lack of words makes the expression of emotions stronger through the guitar solos, slap of the bass and acrobatic turns of drumming. We are thrilled to reveal their explosive mix of progressive rock fusion!

Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2011
More info: Italian Cultural Institute

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