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Dove vai normalmente in vacanza? Preferisci il mare o la montagna? Dove vai in vacanza quest’ anno?

Ascoltiamo una canzone che ci ricorda l’estate e pratichiamo la grammatica.

Livello A1.2+

Guardate il video della canzone “Vento d’estate” di Max Gazzè la prima volta e sottolineate gli oggetti che vedete nel video:

a. Cosa vedi nel video?

Il bicchiere / la bicicletta/ lo zaino/ la rivista/ il girasole/ il libro/ la collina/ l’albero


b. Clicca qui e completa la canzone: Vento d’estate Gazze


c.Metti in ordine i verbi irregolari

andate, andiamo, vai, va, vado, vanno

fa, faccio, fanno, facciamo, fai, fate

sono, sono, è, siamo, siete, sei



d.Ripetiamo il presente: leggi e completa la descrizione

La scuola Sant’Anna (offrire)………………………… corsi individuali e di gruppo di lingua e cultura italiana. I corsi (essere)………………………..  per gli studenti che (studiare)…………………….. l’italiano per la prima volta e per gli studenti che  (volere)…………………………migliorare la lingua. La scuola (organizzare)…………………………….. corsi per specifiche esigenze, corsi di italiano online e corsi di cultura.

Il lavoro in classe (prevedere) ……………………..l’esercizio delle 4 abilità fondamentali riconosciute dal quadro comune europeo: leggere, parlare, ascoltare, scrivere.

Ogni studente (avere) ……………….la possibilità di interagire con l’insegnante e con la classe in maniera continua ed efficace.
Alla fine del corso ogni studente (ricevere) …………………………un certificato di partecipazione.

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Learn Italian in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast

In vacanza in Italia

Study Italian in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast:special offer



Getting to Amalfi Coast and getting around


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How many times have you tried to sing one of the most pupular Italian song  Nel Blu dipinto di blu, better known as Volare, cantare?

Every time you listen to it, it sounds so fresh and modern, but it is about 60 years old! Domenico Modugno (a singer originally from the region of Apulia) sang for the first time at Sanremo Festival in 1957, and he won.

Since then, the song was immediately sung by all the Italians and they felt proud of their identity. Sanremo Festival is still an important festival for Italian pop music, last week in its 67º edition, so old but still keeping its charm and prestige. That is a big show which divide the Italians’ points of view. Many Italians hate Sanremo because they consider it as a senseless show with commercial music, and it does not represent at its best the Italian beauty of the traditional Bel Canto.

On the other hand, many other Italians are in love with Sanremo Festival, with the artists and their style,all the gossips beyond the show, the special guests, the lyrics, the live music by a professional orchestra.

The melody of the Italian language and its endless charm is part of the Italian DNA.  The song “Nel blu, dipinto di blu” by Domenico Modugno, deals with a romantic dream… Flying and singing, he flies up happily to the blue sky and when it is already day all his dreams are taken away by the moon. But he keeps on dreaming in the blue eyes of his woman, as blue as a blue starry sky and her voice sounds as sweet as a melody:

Volare… oh, oh!…
Cantare… oh, oh, oh, oh!
Nel blu, dipinto di blu,
felice di stare quaggiù.
E continuo a volare felice più in alto del sole ed ancora più su,
mentre il mondo pian piano scompare negli occhi tuoi blu,
la tua voce è una musica dolce che suona per me…”

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 The lyrics of this song are a perfect text for a good reading and practise your pronunciation thanks to all the ending Italian vowels: A-O-U-E-I!

Let’s sing then..

Penso che un sogno così non ritorni mai più;
mi dipingevo le mani e la faccia di blu,
poi d’improvviso venivo dal vento rapito
e incominciavo a volare nel cielo infinito…

Volare… oh, oh!…
Cantare… oh, oh, oh, oh!
Nel blu, dipinto di blu,
felice di stare lassù.

Volareoh, oh!…
Cantare… oh, oh, oh, oh!
Nel blu, dipinto di blu,
felice di stare lassù.

by Michela, teacher and director @ L’Acanto.it

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Learn Italian with songs

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Per te is a song by the Italian deejay then singer Jovanotti for his daughter.

Per te is, of course, a ninna nanna, a lullaby song, sweet and slow Italian to help you with your practice.

Click here for the full activity: practice the articles with this song and check your answers.

I hope you enjoy,buon ascolto…




Click to revise the articles and the basic Italian grammar or click on grammar lessons and choose beginner.

Basic Italian phrases: click here

More Italian songs

Study Italian in Italy

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As you might have read if you are even just a little bit into italian pop culture, this year’s edition of  Sanremo Italian song festival has crowned Il Volo with the winning title.

Although this has been the most viewed edition in the last ten years, a lot of criticism has spread around the web. To many youngsters Sanremo still looks like an awful ruin of the days of old, something good to cheer up, once per year, the boring evenings of some nostalgic granpa around the Belpaese. And this might be true indeed, if you think that the (not so) dynamic trio that have triumphed last Saturday is offering an image of the canzone italiana which seems taken by brute force from the golden age of Mr. Volare, with a smart addition of some harmless features of modern pop music and a clear reference to the tradition of Italian pop opera (Andrea Bocelli, anyone?).


To set the record straight, we should aknowledge that these three boys were discovered and basically put together by Antonella Clerici during her dreadful talent show, aired every Saturday evening and called Ti lascio una canzone, in which a bunch of enfants prodiges (aged from 6 to 12) were given the opportunity to cover classics of the canzone italiana in an exhausting competition that have moved more than an housewife all over Italy. Nevertheless, ever since their winning exploit in Clerici’s show (year 2009), Il Volo have been able to climb international charts (Barbara Streisand seems to like them very much) but were basically unknown in their native country. This until last Saturday, when their melodic mixture of cheesy love lyrics and cheap references to the lyrical tradition seemed to have charmed the whole audience of the Festival. And this might be a good thing, right? Finally we are openly praising what foreigners really like about us, embracing the so called “made in Italy” and giving it some dignity even within national borders! Yay!

But can this nostalgic and pointless mixture of cliches be the only way we have to export our culture? To use a less engaging metaphor: do we have to overcook pasta to make it enjoyable by people all around the world? I don’t think so. And I think that Italian music, even in these times of social and cultural crisis, has much more to offer than a trio of teenagers that look and sound like IIWW veterans.

by Enrico, Italian teacher at Kappa Language school

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Italian songs


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According to a research conducted by the Times, learning a language is a must-do if you want to have an happy life.

How to learn fast and easily a language? Commitment is the key when you start learning a language but following some easy steps you can learn easily and fast a language.

Follow five steps to learn Italian

1. Have fun when you learn: games, crosswords and picture dictionaries can help in your home study, learning a language doesn’t mean long, tiring grammar activities.

Crossword: la famiglia, aggettivi, i giorni della settimanaPresente:verbi regolari e irregolari 1,    Presente: 2
Quiz, test, video quiz, games and flash cards: click here

Quiz, if you think you know Italy test your geography  and culture knowledge.

2. Listen, learn and sing: Italian music is more than love, hearts and tears. Listen to the radio or songs and learn new words and improve the vocabulary. Buon ascolto!

3. Watch films cinemaand videos : a movie is a full language experience where you can learn the culture, the people and the language. Learn with videos, short movies and test yourself:click here

Watch  Italian TV: TV is the best and most inexpensive teacher to teach you real Italian, you can also learn everyday Italian from soap operas and sitcoms.

4. Travel, meet people and speak: you want to practice the language, go and meet the Italians in Italy or join web groups where you can post and discuss with students or tutors.

5. Learn Italian in Italy

Where to study Italian: learn Italian where the language is spoken. Tips, reviews and videos to choose your school of Italian

Quiz: come si dice in italiano? Gioca & impara

Top online tips for effective Italian learning


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When I ask my students if they know any Italian songs or singers, they always mention Italian singers that were famous 20/30 years ago.  If they have to describe Italian songs they use adjectives like sentimental, romantic and at the very worst, cheesy!  But Italian music isn’t just about love, broken hearts and tears.

When you learn a language it’s good to have different tools – learning a language using songs is relaxing and fun, and can help you to enjoy the learning activity.  You’ll find that you can memorise the exercise much more quickly than with a written grammar exercise.

Italian songs we 

Allora, let’s try to write the first ILEARNITALIAN playlist: listen, learn and sing!

Your first Italian song: E penso a te, Lucio Battisti

An ironic, bittersweet Italian song presented by a weird and funny video of the Italian singer Max Gazzè, Annina

A summer song: Vento d’estate

Per te is a song by the Italian deejay then singer Jovanotti for his daughter.

Find the opposite verbs and revise “passato prossimo” with a romantic slow song: La prima cosa bella

Do you hate pronouns in grammar? Try to revise them with this song: E tu come stai by Claudio Baglioni.

Friends,  a glass of whisky and life, a classic Italian song (with imperfect tense): Quattro amici al bar.

Great video, good rhythm and a lot of new words to learn, build your vocaboulary with “Coinquilini” Davide Zilli.

A great voice and a simple song that’s easy to follow  for beginners (present tense, present progressive): Sto pensando a te, Vasco Rossi

And finally, a modern romantic song that’s simple to sing: Dove ho visto te by Lorenzo Cherubini

For advanced students: E se domani è un 45 giri della cantante italiana Mina, pubblicato nel 1964.


Buon ascolto,


Have you got a question for us?Email it to antonio.lucicesare@gmail.com

Italian radio:listen online


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Auguri di Buon Natale con una canzone della grande Mina

Io vi vorrei veder tutti
felici assieme qui con noi
e che dolce festa sarebbe questa
un caldo lungo Natale

La neve scende giù lenta
e in ogni fioco che cadrà
un augurio vi porterà
Un augurio di felicità

E scende giù dal ciel lento,
un dolce canto ammaliator
che ti dice “Spera anche tu.”
È Natale, non soffrire più.

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Una bella voce per una canzone semplice: La prima cosa bella di Malika Ayane

Sinonimi o contrari?

Abbina i verbi della canzone ai sinonimi o contrari  della lista

riuscire / comprendere/ tacere/ lasciare/ ascoltare


  1. Sentire
  2. Prendere
  3. Capire
  4. Dire
  5. Sapere


Ascolta e completa la canzone  :La prima cosa bella


My favourite Italian songs



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