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Ciao, are you a beginner or an intermediate student?
Do you want to improve your Italian?
Join our 2 weeks Italian lessons, 15 hours total, taught by trainee-teachers under expert supervision.

Beginner course starts on Wednesday 19 of June
Intermediate course from Monday 8 of July

£ 35 enrolment fee only

Apply today by phone 02078231887 or

just drop an email info@italianlanguageservices.co.uk

Learn Italian at the Italian Cultural Institute in Central London!

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According to a research conducted by the Times, learning a language is a must-do if you want to have an happy life.

How to learn fast and easily a language? Commitment is the key when you start learning a language but following some easy steps you can learn easily and fast a language.

Follow five steps to learn Italian

1. Have fun when you learn: games, crosswords and picture dictionaries can help in your home study, learning a language doesn’t mean long, tiring grammar activities.

Crossword: la famiglia, aggettivi, i giorni della settimanaPresente:verbi regolari e irregolari 1,    Presente: 2

Quiz, if you think you know Italy test your geography  and culture knowledge.

2. Listen, learn and sing: Italian music is more than love, hearts and tears. Listen to the radio or songs and learn new words and improve the vocabulary. Buon ascolto!

3. Watch movies cinemaand videos : a movie is a full language experience where you can learn the culture, the people and the language.Learn with videos, short movies and test
yourself:click here

Watch  Italian TV:TV is the best and most inexpensive teacher to teach you real Italian, you can also learn everyday Italian from soap operas and sitcoms.

4. Travel, meet people and speak: you want to practice the language, go and meet the Italians in Italy or join web groups where you can post and discuss with students or tutors.

5. Learn Italian in Italy

Read more

In my last workshop at King’s College, University of London I presented some helpful online free resources to help improving different linguistic skills (reading, listening, use of grammar, etc.) at different levels, take a look at Top online tips for effective Italian learning

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learning italian web blog

After the success of this year’s inaugural month-long event, the Italian Cultural Institute and Cinecitta Luce are pleased to announce the return of the Italian Film Festival in March 2012 under the title Cinema Made In Italy.

Date: Friday, March 09, 2012 – Friday, March 30, 2012

Venue: Italian Cultural Institute & Cine Lumiere

Organised by: Italian Cultural Institue & Cine Citta’ Luce FILMITALIA

Read more here

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In Italia. L’Italia e l’Italiano per stranieri.
Un progetto pilota per una nuova cittadinanza attiva
60 puntate
40 città
20 nuove storie
2400 minuti di programmazione
3 serie televisive e un sito web
4 protagonisti…+ 1!
… 1 famiglia
È “IN ITALIA. L’Italia e l’Italiano per stranieri”, un progetto pilota per l’istruzione degli immigrati nel nostro Paese, nato dalla collaborazione tra Rai Educational e il Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca.



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just another way to speak(?) italiano…

Learn Italian hand gestures with these video youtube lessons!

Lesson number 1 con un insegnante molto divertente…

Practice: click on the picture and repeat the Italian hand gestures




and now lesson number 2 with Dolce & Gabbana male models:)

Read more: 

Learn Italian with videos

Learn Italian with Italian songs

Plan your next holiday: learn Italian in Italy

Have you got a question for us?Email it to antonio.lucicesare@gmail.com

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The Salento International Film Festival Is a celebration of films and filmmakers, promotes international independent films, in recognition of the fact that movies are the most powerful form of cultural communication and link between cultures’ and peoples’.

Read more: Italian Cultural Institute

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L’ imperativo si usa per esprimere un ordine, un consiglio, un divieto, un’indicazione o delle istruzioni.

L’imperativo della forma in tu, combinato con la negazione, si forma usando l’infinito: non fumare, non bere, non partire!

Verbi Regolari: IMPERATIVO

1.       Cantare – are 2.       Prendere –ere 3.       Dormire –ire / Pulire -ire
Tu Canta Prendi Dormi / Pulisci
Lui/Lei Canti Prenda Dorma  / Pulisca
Noi Cantiamo Prendiamo Dormiamo / Puliamo
Voi Cantate Prendete Dormite / Pulite
Loro Cantino Prendano Dormano / Puliscano


  • Vieni domani alla nostra festa, non fare complimenti!
  • Accomodati, e fa’ come se fossi a casa tua!
  • La stazione? Giri (Lei) / Gira(tu) qui a sinistra
  • Mi scusi  (Lei)– Scusami (tu)
  • Telefonami
  • Scrivimi
Video: Watch and Learn the Imperative
Imperative grammar exercises : …1…. , ……2…. , ….3…. , ….4…. , ….5….…6….,
Imperative and pronouns: read more
Funny video: Cosa non fare al primo appuntamento!

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Guarda la presentazione e ricorda che il condizionale serve per esprimere cortesia, per chiedere un consiglio, per fare una proposta o un‘ipotesi.

Completa i seguenti esercizi : …1..,   2_    ..3.. ..4…

Io Parlerei Creder-ei Partir-ei
Tu Parleresti Crederesti Partiresti
Lui/Lei Parlerebbe Crederebbe Partirebbe
Noi Parleremmo Crederemmo Partiremmo
Voi Parlereste Credereste Partireste
Loro Parlerebbero Crederebbero Partirebbero



Condizionale verbo Essere Condizionale verbo Avere
Io sarei
Tu saresti
Lui/ Lei  sarebbe
Noi saremmo
Voi sareste
Loro sarebbero
Io avrei
Tu avresti
Lui/ Lei avrebbe
Noi avremmo
Voi avreste
Loro avrebbero



Un video sul condizionale e sul vocabolario del lavoro, buona visione!

Continua a studiare il futuro, il passato prossimo, imperfetto e trapassato prossimo.



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