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Michela has been teaching Italian for more than 12 years, in an Italian language school and as homestay teacher. She has taught all ages and all levels.

For the students, she is the ideal host teacher. Michela makes you discover the wonderful world of Mesagne in Puglia and above all, makes you feel part of her lovely famiglia.

Michela, your favourite words in Italian

Convivio, Condivisione, Fruscio, Garbo, Mare, Zagara, Tramontana

 What do you like to do in Mesagne

Go for a walk in the old town in the late afternoon, have an aperitivo sitting in piazza and chat with my good friends.

What do you miss from Italy, when you are abroad

The scents from the home made Apulian cuisine, which you can appreciate when you walk  at midday in town. Roast sweet peppers, fresh tomato sauce, focaccia, polpette

The must-see panorama in Puglia

After seeing trulli in Alberobello, the white city Ostuni and the queen of Baroque, Lecce go off the beaten path and head to the dunes along the Ionian coastal road on a sunny summer day and the pink lands with the flourished peach trees.

Top thing to do in Puglia

Dancing the folk dance Pizzica salentina in piazza in a small village on a typical festival of the Patron.

Funny memory

Sunday lunch with my family from 1 to 5 pm 🙂

Favourite days of the week

Thursday and Saturday, when I can visit my favourite open market in Brindisi and in Francavilla Fontana, buy shoes and get a great deal.

Negative aspects from the local community

The people skipping the queue 🙁


What to buy before leaving Puglia

Caciocavallo, tarallini, a portrait of an old olive grove, coffee, a bottle of Riserva Negroamaro.

What do Apulians like

Invite you at the last minute  for lunch, dinner or coffee.

Italian Summer Courses 2017 @ L'acanto.it

Three unforgettable testimonials from your students @ l´Acanto


„L’Acanto is not only about learning Italian, but also about learning about the culture of south Italy and the warmth of its citizens (Annette, UK)“

„The School is so friendly, you feel like a member of  their  Italian family! (Sandrino, Netherland)“

„With Michela each moment is lived intensively and the past is really ‘passato remoto’, (Nathalie, Belgium)

Favourite place to take your students

The town of Brindisi, along the Via Appia, and getting astonished by the beauty of its port from the top of the stairs, from which the two Roman columns dominate the view.

First memories as a teacher

On my first day as a teacher at L’Acanto,12 years ago, I decided to follow my favourite’s teachers steps. I thought of how much fun I had as a student when I was learning English through the interaction with my colleagues, singing a foreign song, writing a letter to my Scottish pen-friend, reading books, travelling abroad and speaking with the locals.

Best tips for your students

Speak Italian without fear. Make mistakes and with self revision, a good discipline and a healthy memory, learn and have fun!

Sing a song in Italian for us

Meraviglioso, ma come non ti accorgi di quanto il mondo sia meraviglioso. Ti hanno inventato il mare… ti sembra niente il sole, la vita, l´amore. Meraviglioso! (by the Apulian singer Domenico Modugno)

The best way of learning Italian? Practice in the country where it is spoken! Michela @ L’Acanto, Puglia

Where to study Italian: Mesagne, Puglia












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Contemporary Italian music is not very popular in other countries. When I ask my students which songs they know or singers, they always say Ricchi e Poveri, Albano e Romina or Toto Cutugno. These are songs that were famous in Italy when my father was 20 years old. Even though there are few contemporary songs that cross the borders, there are plenty that students would enjoy and could be great material to use in class.

Songs help to memorize; listening, singing and repeating is a great way to improve your vocabulary.

And now, my Top Ten songs for students of Italian

For beginners

E penso a te, Lucio Battisti

The best song so far in my experience for beginner students. It’s the first song I use with my new learners. As a slow and simple is great for learning and introducing students to regular verbs.

Annina, Max Gazzè

I also like to use this strange song with a weird video. It was written for his girlfriend Annina (I presume his ex girlfriend after listening to this song).

 Vento d’estate, Max Gazzè & Niccolo Fabi

This is a great one for practising irregular verbs in the present tense.

Di sole e d’azzurro, Giorgia

A great female voice and a great way to learn vocab about love, weather and relationship.

 Per te, Jovanotti

Do you want to practice Italian articles? Just listen and fill in the gaps with this song.

 Volare, Domenico Modugno

And as deejays say:” put your hand in the air” if you don’t know Volare.  Impossibile!!! The most famous Italian song with a great activity to practice pronunciation.

Where to study Italian:click here

For intermediate

 Meraviglioso, Domenico Modugno

Another wonderful song from Domenico Modugno with such powerful lyrics.

Also have a look at..

  La prima cosa bella ( present and simple past)

Sto pensando a te (present continuous and regular present tense)

Dove ho visto te (passato prossimo)

Ti sposerò (future tense)

Quattro amici al bar (future and simple past)

And finally, brush up your animal vocab with this smash hit from a few years ago. I bet you you won’t be able to get it out of your head: Il pulcino Pio

And vocab about house, furniture and family with this nice jazz song: Coinquilini, Davide Zilli

For advanced students

E se domani, Mina

Enjoy Mina’s magical voice in this romantic song and practise subjunctive and hypothetical phrases.

Nina Zilli, L’uomo che amava le donne

Is it possible to have more than 20 pronouns in a song? Yes, it is! The best song to practise direct, indirect and reflexive pronouns in Italian.

 Buon ascolto, Antonio


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Home is…

where I feel well and have my friends around…and after this experience here, I can definitely say that Lecce in Puglia is home!

First thing you do when you arrive back in Lecce is…

to drink caffè leccese in piazza, ovvio 🙂 , where you can feel the beautiful atmosphere created by the building, sun and people.


What advice would you give to a tourist?

Go with the flow, discover the streets of Lecce at night, buy from the street artists, make friends, eat puccia, take Lecce like a huge free museum…and drink “caffè leccese” 🙂

scuolamondoitalialecce (3)


If you had to be locked in a building overnight, which would it be?

I would choose Castello Carlo V, because I was there during the night and it was special. This big massive castle seems it’s protecting the city, with huge rooms inside make you feel like you are living in a different time.

Best place for a romantic holiday in Lecce?

One of the huge villas in the historical centre…

What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?

If i could be the Mayor for a day, I would forbid the traffic (even if few) in the old city…and then take a holiday in Lecce to watch the magic atmosphere and how much Lecce is fascinating with “touristic eyes”.

Earliest Lecce memory?

When I arrived at Scuola Mondo Italia, the best school in Lecce, and the big smile of Maria that welcomes you with so much friendship!


Best meal you’ve had in Lecce?

Orecchiette con burrata e…pasticciotto!

If you could buy any building in Lecce, which would it be?

A beautiful villa in the centre with volte a stella, an amazing cortile and a roof top terrace with the view of the Duomo.

What are your favourite late-night hangouts?

Mamma Elvira, Quanto basta, Bar Il Moro…and all pubs around Santa Croce and Santa Chiara area because the atmosphere is great!

scuolamondoitalialecce (5)


What is your favourite Lecce discovery?

A part from “caffè leccese”, the Roman theatre where I attended also a contemporary dance show the same night…even if I still discover news things all the time I am in the centre

Best advice for other students of Scuola Mondo Italia?

Make friends from Lecce, go out with them, speak Italian as much as you can…parla, parla, parla (…and relax and enjoy!!!)


Ivana, from Croatia, student @ Scuola Mondo Italia in Lecce, Puglia

Dreams come true in Lecce


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Domenico Modugno was an Italian singersongwriter and actor. He is known for his 1958 international hit song “Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)” that was his signature song.

“Meraviglioso” is one of the most beautiful song he sang but it wasn’t a big hit when it came out in 1968, only later, after many years and today  with a new version from the young Italian rock band Negramaro.

1)Completa i verbi

Domenico Modugno: biografia

Domenico Modugno nasc__il 9 gennaio 1928 a Polignano a Mare in provincia di Bari, h__ due fratelli maggiori, Vito Antonio detto Tonino e Giovanni detto Giannino, e una sorella maggiore, Teresa.

Mimmo a 7 anni inizi__ ad andare a scuola e si ambient__ nella sua nuova residenza, impar__ il dialetto vernacolo sanpietrano che pu__ ricordare il siciliano; in questo dialetto scriv__ le sue prime canzoni.

Durante l’adolescenza impar__ a suonare la chitarra, grazie agli insegnamenti del padre Vito Cosimo, e la fisarmonica, mentre nel 1945 compon__ le sue due prime canzoni, che tuttavia non incid__ mai.

Nel frattempo frequent__ l’Istituto di Ragioneria a Lecce. Nel 1947 si trasferisc__, all’insaputa del padre, a Torino per cercare fortuna, e lavor__ prima come cameriere e poi come apprendista gommista. Il freddo che patisc__ nel capoluogo piemontese, all’epoca capitale del cinema italiano, gli riman__ nell’anima.

Nel 1949, dopo il servizio militare a Bologna ritorna a San Pietro Vernotico e si cresc__ i baffi. In questo periodo inizi__ a esibirsi come suonatore di fisarmonica nei festini di paese con serenate alle giovani ragazze con il suo gruppo storico di amici e conquist__la fama di sciupafemmine per via del suo aspetto fisico e delle sue doti artistiche straordinarie.

Divent__ uno dei protagonisti della musica leggera italiana ed internazionale quando, con Nel blu dipinto di blu, trionfa al Festival di Sanremo 1958.

Scriv__ il testo di questa canzone insieme a Franco Migliacci, con il quale cooper__ in molti momenti della carriera. Il brano è tradotto successivamente in ben 13 lingue.

Controlla qui:Biografia di Domenico Modugno


Sing and learn: Meraviglioso di Domenico Modugno


Clicca qui: Meraviglioso di Modugno:ascolta la canzone e completa il testo

angelo/ bambino/ dolore/ donna/ intorno/ mare/ mare/ mattino/ mondo/ notte/ ponte/ sapore/ scura/ sole/ voglia

È vero
credetemi è accaduto
di notte su di un (1)_______
guardando l’acqua (2)_______
con la dannata (3)_______
di fare un tuffo giù
D’un tratto
qualcuno alle mie spalle
forse un (4)_______
vestito da passante
mi portò via dicendomi così

ma come non ti accorgi
di quanto il (5)_______ sia

perfino il tuo (6)_______
potrà guarire poi

Ma guarda (7)_______ a te
che doni ti hanno fatto:
ti hanno inventato
il (8)_______ !
Tu dici non ho niente
Ti sembra niente il (9)_______!
La vita

il bene di una (10)_______
che ama solo te
La luce di un (11)_______
l’abbraccio di un amico
il viso di un (12)_______

Ma guarda intorno a te
che doni ti hanno fatto:
ti hanno inventato
il (13)_______!
Tu dici non ho niente
Ti sembra niente il sole!
La vita

La (14)_______ era finita
e ti sentivo ancora
(15)_______ della vita
Meraviglioso …

Controlla qui le tue risposte

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