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Italiano camminando is a week-long course designed by Il Sasso, school of Italian in Montepulciano for those who prefer a walk in the open air to a classroom lesson.

Walking together in the Tuscan countryside (Valdichiana and the Val d’Orcia) while speaking in Italian will allow you to practice the language and understand the culture better, using the language and improving your pronunciation in an informal context, each according to their own level of competence but always with the guidance of a teacher who is attentive to the needs of everyone. The course is recommended for people with elementary to advanced levels of competence in the language, who like to walk in the country and have the capacity to accept others who speak at a level higher or lower than their own. It is not recommended for complete beginners.

How it works


Duration: 1 week (5 days, from Monday to Friday). Hillside paths between 6 and 12 km, recommended to those who have a good physical shape and can face ups and downs. In case of rain, the outdoor walking program will be replaced in part or in whole by the “Italiano & Arte” program (www.ilsasso.com/eng/italiano-arte-at-il-sasso-language-school-in-montepulciano.html). As an alternative option, participants may switch to the traditional language courses (with consequent reduction of costs).

Day 1: Walk to Montefollonico, a small Medieval village perched on the summit of a hill between the Valdichiana and the Val d’Orcia. Departure from the school at 8:45, return at about 13:30.
Day 2: Walk to Monticchiello, a medieval village nestled in the Val d’Orcia, famous for its walls and narrow twisting lanes, as well as for the summer presentations of “Teatro Povero” (Poor Theatre). Departure from school at 8:45, return about 13:30.
Day 3: Nature Reserve of Pietraporciana. Departure from school at 8:45 with a private van to La Foce, then on foot to the reserve of Pietraporciana with a walk in the beech forest. Lunch at the Visitors Centre restaurant. Back to La Foce on foot and return to Montepulciano in the van at 16:00.


Day 4: Free morning (weekly market). Departure from the school at 14:00, walk to the Dei Winery. Tour of the vineyards and cantina, wine tasting and light meal. Return to Montepulciano at 18:00.
Day 5: Bagno Vignoni. Departure from the school at 8:45 with a private van to Bagno Vignoni with its water-filled piazza, then on foot to the tiny hamlet of Vignoni Alto and back. Bath in the thermal pool of Val di Sole, lunch and a walk in the area of the mills. Return to Montepulciano with the van at 16:00.



Email: info@ilsasso.com

Phone: +39 0578 758311

Where to study Italian: Montepulciano


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 Bring the flavors of Italy into your kitchen with this original recipe from Montepulciano in Tuscany. Start wth this riddle and follow the instructions to bring real Italian food on your table.


é perfetto per condire la pasta fresca (i tradizionali pici di Montepulciano, le tagliatelle, gli gnocchi), ma anche gli spaghetti e tutti i formati di pasta.

È  l’ingrediente fondamentale per le lasagne. Provatelo anche con la polenta e sui crostoni di pane….che cos’è?

Completa la ricetta con l’ imperativo, poi assicurati di avere tutti gli ingredienti e ….mettiti al lavoro!

Ingredienti : Carne macinata di manzo e maiale 500 gr  CIPOLLE 1-   CAROTE 2- SEDANO 1 costa    CONCENTRATO DI POMODORO 120 gr    PASSATA DI POMODORO 1000 gr- VINO ROSSO 1 bicchiere SPICCHIO DI AGLIO 2- OLIO D’OLIVA 4 cucchiai da tavola SALE q.b.-  PEPE NERO q.b.

Italiano Cucinando a Montepulciano

Completa la ricetta con i verbi all’imperativo

abbassate /  lasciate / fateci / versate / tritate /  fatela / mettete / aggiungete (2) / pulite / unite (2)

.………. e ………… il sedano la carota, la cipolla, gli spicchi d’aglio e il prezzemolo per il soffritto.…………. l’olio in una casseruola e ………. soffriggere a fuoco basso le verdure per circa 10 minuti.Quando le verdure saranno appassite ………. la carne e …………..  rosolare per circa 30 minuti. ………….. il sale e il pepe, poi …………  il vino rosso. Quando il vino sarà evaporato, …………. il concentrato di pomodoro, diluito in poca acqua. Infine ………… la passata di pomodoro, …………… la fiamma al minimo e …………… cuocere per circa 2 ore.

Ma per i vegetariani e i vegani che non mangiano il ragù?

Ecco l’alternativa per chi preferisce non mangiare né carne né  uova.

Guarda il video “Pici alle briciole con erbe aromatiche” e metti in ordine le fasi della preparazione dei pici.

Adesso il condimento!

Tritare l’aglio e metterlo in un tegame con olio extravergine di  oliva. Quando l’aglio e l’olio iniziano a soffriggere, aggiungere le briciole di pane e le erbe aromatiche. Aggiungere sale e pepe. Quando i pici sono cotti, lessarli per 7 – 8 minuti e poi saltarli in padella! Buon appetito,

by Silvia teacher @ Il Sasso, Montepulciano

Language Courses in Montepulciano

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Welcome to Rome Fiumicino where the local time is 11am. Through passport control, on to the Leonardo express train and I’m in Rome Termini. From there, I take the Treno regionale veloce to Chiusi Chianciano Terme for only 10 euros one way.  After less than 20 minutes, I’m already in the beautiful Italian countryside.

I don’t regret for one moment my decision to reach Montepulciano by train – the view is beyond words.The train is passing through wheat fields. The slow, sunny train journey to Tuscany is the perfect opportunity to read a newspaper and catch up on Italian news after a few months away from the country. I discovered with pleasure that Rome has just appointed Italy’s first female mayor. Well done Italians!



We are already in the Tuscan countryside and the scenery has become more lush and green. Less than two hours after leaving Rome, we stop in Chiusi- Chianciano Terme. The strong afternoon sun is baking the tiny station and the bus station is virtually deserted. The Italians are probably enjoying an after lunch pennichella (nap)!

A pleasant, smiling bus driver welcomes me and a sweet Italian grandmother on to the bus.  The Italian grandma is going to terme (thermal baths) and, in a strong Roman accent, proceeds to tell me and the driver her entire life story, making sure we know everything about her husband, sons and grandchildren……;)
After leaving this chatty elderly lady at Chianciano Terme, within 10 minutes we are at the first stop in town where Il Sasso Italian school dominates the valley below. As I enjoy the panorama from the school’s balcony, I’m joined by my colleague, Silvia, the director of the school, and Heike, the school’s receptionist. Silvia and Heike then take me for a tour of the school.

The excitable Silvia deluges me with new ideas, projects, courses and stories about our students. Happily, we decide to finish our discussion at the terrazzo bar, a few minutes away from the school. Over an aperitif spritz, we admire the sunset over the Tuscan countryside.



And now at 7pm, after just a few hours, the traffic, the smog, and the overcrowded city life seems far away….

by Antonio & Silvia, director @ il sasso.com




Book now for hiking and learning Italian in October @ Il Sasso.com 

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First thing you do when you arrive back in Montepulciano, Tuscany?

Go to the beginning of Via di Collazzi and take in the panoramic view of San Biagio and the surrounding countryside – spectacular especially at sunset.

What advice would you give to a tourist?

Stay at least one night in Montepulciano. It is such an atmospheric town especially at night time when the day trippers have left. Enjoy a great meal, walk around and soak in the atmosphere of the ancient streets and buildings.

If you had to be locked in a building overnight, which would it be?

One of the grand Palazzo’s on Piazza Grande, hopefully luxuriously furnished so I could experience life as the de Medici’s and nobles in the 15th century.

Best place for a romantic holiday/ dinner/date in Montepulciano?

Book a hotel/villa with a terrace overlooking the centro storico or the fabulous countryside and enjoy with a glass of vino nobile!

montepulciano school


What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?

I would suggest organising a festival but there are already many during the year especially in summer.

Earliest Tuscany memory?

Driving through the pouring rain and jumping out of the car and having my photo taken under the Florence signpost as the sun came out – my first time in Italy and we had arrived in Florence, a long held dream realised.

Best meal you’ve had in Tuscany?

Any of the food at Rosso Rubino Trattoria in Montepulciano, they have the best homemade pasta and dolci, the service is very friendly and a brilliant selection of wines from the local producers.

If you could buy any building in Montepulciano, which would it be?

One with a terrace overlooking the valley.



What are your favourite late-night hangouts?

Il bar “ Lucevan le stelle”.

What is your favourite Tuscany discovery?

Formaggio pecorino with pear and ginger jam!


Best advice for other students of Italian in Montepulciano at ilSasso.com?

Go into the shops, cafes, restaurants and cantina’s and practice speaking Italian. The townspeople are very happy to let you speak ( no matter how slowly) and will encourage and help you.



by  Martina Farrell, student at Il Sasso, Italian Language School in Montepulciano

Special offers @ Il Sasso.com

Walking & hiking in Tuscany


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Ripetiamo il vocabolario sulla famiglia con questo quiz

La famiglia

Mamma e papà sono i miei….

Il marito e la…..

Il marito di mia sorella è…

Il padre di mia moglie è…

Il marito di mia figlia è…

Il figlio di mio fratello è…

Continua con questi cruciverba:  la famigliaaggettivi, i giorni della settimana

Ora guardate questa divertente notizia e completate l’esercizio

Marito in affitto 

livello a2+

Dopo il video: completate l’esercizio seguente

L’agenzia “mariti in affitto” è nata a/in Monza. Offre servizi con uomini specializzati/ non specializzati in riparazioni domestiche.

La giornata di lavoro finisce nel pomeriggio, salvo/ comprese eccezioni. Il servizio non è/ è  richiesto da altri uomini. Il servizio costa 30 o 40 euro al giorno/ all’ora. Chi non è soddisfatto può/ non può  chiedere un rimborso. Le mogli sono felici perché devono/ non devono cucinare ai “mariti in affitto”.

by Antonio & Silvia, teacher @ ilsasso.com Montepulciano, Tuscany

Special offers @ ilsasso.com in Montepulciano

Che cos’è?

Abbinate i nomi agli oggetti: presa/ batteria/ rubinetto/ mensola/ armadio/ persiana










Continua con Quiz:Parole italiane

Learn with videos

Learn Italian in Italy

Oggetti in casa: vocabolario

Aggettivi possessivi e famiglia

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Il sasso language school in Montepulciano provides superb opportunities to get out there on foot to discover and explore some of the best of Tuscany’s landscape and wildlife with a professional Italian guide and teacher. This special tour gives to the students the opportunity to practice the language in an informal and relaxed way and a great chance to appreciate the natural, cultural and historic interest through which they pass .

Qui trovate una descrizione in italiano con un piccolo esercizio per voi..:)

Completa l’articolo con le forme corrette del passato prossimo, scegliendo l’ausiliare giusto e facendo attenzione all’accordo.

Livello A2+

Uno dei tanti motivi per cui molti viaggiatori ……….(1. decidere) di venire a Montepulciano è proprio la campagna toscana, la possibilità di trascorrere del tempo a contatto con la natura, di fare passeggiate immersi in un paesaggio naturale incontaminato, dove la presenza dell’uomo non ……………. (2. danneggiare) il paesaggio ma …………… (3. integrarsi) con esso, lo ha reso più morbido, più arrotondato, meno aggressivo, senza togliere niente dell’originaria bellezza.



Per tanti anni …………………..(4. noi, passeggiare) in campagna, nel pomeriggio dopo le lezioni, con i nostri studenti. Alla fine di ogni passeggiata c’è sempre stato qualcuno che …………..(5. chiedere): “ma perché non facciamo un corso così, fuori dalla classe, per praticare la lingua in un contesto del tutto informale, facendo attività fisica e respirando aria fresca?”.

Quest’anno…………………. (6. noi, volere) provarci. ……………… (7. noi, creare) un corso che si chiama Italiano Camminando, che faremo all’inizio di ottobre (3 – 7 ottobre) e che ……………………..(8. noi, dedicare) a tutti quelli che a una lezione in classe preferiscono una camminata all’aria aperta. Camminare insieme nella campagna toscana (Valdichiana e Val d’Orcia) chiacchierando in italiano permetterà agli studenti di praticare la lingua e di capire meglio la cultura liberi dalla schiavitù di carta e penna, per una volta!



Il corso …………………(9. consigliare) a tutti gli studenti dal livello elementare all’ avanzato con tanta voglia di camminare in campagna e tanta voglia di parlare. Tutti sono benvenuti. E’ un esperimento, poi vi faremo sapere se …………….. (10. funzionare)!

Have you got a question for us? Email it to info@ilsasso.com

Continua  con la canzone Di sole e d’azzurro di Giorgia e completa il testo con le parole mancanti (hanno relazione con il tempo atmosferico e con gli elementi naturali). Sono elencate in ordine sparso, ma attenzione! ce n’è una in più!).

Livello A1.2+

gelo acqua neve azzurro pioggia sole blu cielo stelle vento

Clicca qui e completa la canzone


Italiano camminando & language courses in Tuscany

Driving under the Tuscan sun


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Discovering the beauty of Tuscany: Montepulciano, a wonderful town located on the top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves with one of those views which has made Tuscany famous the world over.

Practice your Italian and fill the gaps with the expressions in the list, buon viaggio!

Una gita a Montepulciano

davvero / dove /insieme /Insomma /mentre /poiché /Qui /tutto

Level B1.2+

Una gita a Montepulciano non può definirsi tale se non ci si addentra nelle campagne e nei territori verdi della Valle d’Orcia: questo luogo, Patrimonio dell’Umanità, ci ha attirato nelle sue terre mozzafiato (1)_______ importante parco naturale, artistico e culturale. (2)_______ è possibile vagare per il verde, sedersi in riva all’Orcia e ritrovare il contatto con la natura e il benessere proprio (3)_______ si scopre passo dopo passo uno dei luoghi più ammalianti d’Italia.

Un momento (4)_______ romantico!



Poco distanti, i borghi di San Quirico e Montalcino sono mete da visitare: ricche di storia e cultura, con monumenti e strade che riportano con la mente a un passato lontano, e (5)_______ ancora si respirano le tradizioni e il folklore provenienti dalle memorie dei tempi. Una visita alle terme di Chianciano sono il coronamento di una vacanza davvero unica e ricca di fascino: qui c’è da restarsene (6)_______ il giorno in relax, godendosi le acque e tutto il benessere sprigionato da questi luoghi magici.

(7)_______, per chiunque desideri una gita davvero romantica (8)_______ alla propria anima gemella o anche con la famiglia al seguito non c’è bisogno di arrivare lontano: in Italia ci sono dei veri e propri paradisi per chi vuole restarsene in intimità con il partner e vivere pienamente tutti gli odori e le meraviglie della natura, coltivare il proprio bagaglio culturale e assaporare le delizie delle terre nostrane: a noi è bastato viaggiare e perderci tra le splendide terre toscane dell’area di Montepulciano, per ritrovare serenità, complicità e benessere!

Adattato da:  Silvia, teacher @ ilsasso.com, Montepulciano, Tuscany

Testo originale

Interactive exercise: una gita a Montepulciano

Read more..

Driving under the Tuscan sun

Culture mini courses in Tuscany





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When you take the Strada delle Crete, the road that leads down from Siena towards the south, the last strip of Tuscany before Umbria, you need to drive carefully. Every 100 metres or so there will be somebody who has pulled their car to a halt along the side of the road, and is taking photographs, totally enrapt, unaware of anything else.

Of course, tourists and travellers from all over the world have been crisscrossing Tuscany for centuries, but this more recent phenomenon begs the question of whether this desire to bring home a memory of this land is merely an example of the, very common, compulsion to collect beautiful images, or whether it is the result of a deeper intuition.
Could it be that the traveller discerns something of how this landscape has become so beautiful? How the people of this land have consciously moulded, protected and cared for it.
This countryside reveals its history, a history that is carved into its curves and apparent in its hills, in its fields, in the olive trees and cypresses. The cypress trees have become a symbol of Tuscany, although they were originally brought over from the Middle East. They still seem to beckon to us, evoking lost memories and celebrating a forgotten way of life.
The Strada delle Crete winds through gently rolling hills. The beauty belies the challenges of cultivating this poor soil: the grand, now empty, houses and a few hardy trees, casting no shadow, are the only remnants of the souls who once walked here. The seasonal changes of the landscape are sudden and stark. From light grey to burnt umber, from lush green to shimmering gold.
At the end of this road the city of Montepulciano appears before us. It climbs the steep hillside and stretches out over the top of the hill, dividing the Val d’Orcia from its neighbour, the Val di Chiana, a few dozen kilometres away.



The Val di Chiana is completely different, greener, bordered by lakes and mountains. Visitors continue to take photographs here, astonished by the contrast. From the higher hills the walled towns continue to look down over the valley, as if protecting the territory they have administered autonomously for so many centuries.

This land is generous, its vineyards and olive groves among the most famous in the world. Life here is more intense, and the countryside full of houses, in testament to the density of the population that once lived here, in the not so distant past. The Val di Chiana is the site of an immense hydraulic engineering project that was completed just over 200 years ago – a project that was four centuries in the making: the reclamation of the marshland that covered the entire area. This landscape, too, is the result of a project, a challenge, and human toil.



The lakes that border it are the remnants of this immense humid area. This land, too, reveals its history, captivating anyone passing through: it is not only the natural beauty that inspires such passion, but the histories of women and men, of their tenacity and creativity.
Perhaps this is what they feel, the visitors who are compelled to put images of this part of Tuscany in the virtual suitcase of their experiences. It is worth taking the time to travel these roads slowly, with eyes and ears open. There are endless ways to appreciate this landscape: just go beyond the superficial, and leave behind the rush and bustle of our everyday lives.

by Silvia, teacher in ilsasso.com, Montepulciano, Tuscany


Study Italian in Toscana

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