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An ironic, bittersweet Italian song presented by a weird and funny video by the Italian singer Max Gazzè.

Enjoy the song and practice Italian with this activity: Listen and fill the gaps: Annina, Max Gazzè


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Lesson number 1: Italian alphabet, numbers 0-20

 Lesson number 2:Verb to be and verb to have

Lesson number 3: articoli indeterminativi, aggettivi

Regular verbs: present tense

Basic Italian phrases: introduce yourself 

Study Italian in Italy



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Antonello Salis & Paolo Angeli & Gavino Murgia- Free Event- Italian Cultural Institute London

Date: Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Opening times: 7pm

Venue: Italian Cultural Institute

Antonello SALIS – piano/accordion

Paolo ANGELI – Sardinian guitar/voice

Gavino MURGIA sax/flute/voice

The sound of the Salis-Angeli duo is born of a specialized expertise on their instruments, sonically rich and free of anything derivative or trite. The music of these two musicians allows the listener to discover a treasury of creativity and an astonishing artistic cohesion.

Salis and Angeli push things to a breaking point, seeking a range of moods, from the ancient to the avant-garde, the brightly sunny to the beautifully shaded, the exciting to the reflective, all drawing on the roots and evolution of these two Sardinian musicians, building a sonic bridge between the past, present and the future.

The addition of Gavino Murgia, who has previously collaborated with Salis, enriches the music and allows an extra layer of harmony, evoking the atmospheres of a journey and even, occasionally, a flight into times past.

Read more: Italian Cultural Institute

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