What’s Naboomboo?

Naboomboo is an innovative multimedia platform for language exchange, it is a virtual place where you can train and improve your Italian languages skills, sharing and discussing about your interests and favorite topics.

Naboomboo helps you with foreign languages, it helps practicing and developing fluency in Italian having fun and without spending money.

Sharing your hobbies and passions with Italian mother tongues is an easy and simple way to develop and improve your Italian to a proficiency level. This approach allows you to be closed to daily life both for your job and your pleasure.

On Naboomboo each user defines his interests and topics he wants to discuss about. Immediately the platform is able to match demand and offer providing the best customer experience.

Schermata 2015-01-08 alle 19.03.16Thanks to the technology adopted, Naboomboo does not require any other additional software; an internet browser and a web connection are the only requirements to immediately be on line.

How it works?

You can join the community through facebook log in. Otherwise, sign up with your e-mail address to create an account (Flintstones-style).

Once you signed in, complete the profile, declaring your native language, your interests and the languages you want to improve.

Then you can find your perfect language partner! Go in the SEARCH area: there is a powerful tool to search the perfect native speaker. Select Italian, your favourite conversation topic, and start (video)talking!

If your preferred trainer is currently not available for a conversation, write a message to arrange a learning session with him.

  Welcome to Naboomboo and sign up now

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