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How to make a proper tiramisù! Tiramisù is the Italian for ‘pick me up’ but mostly is the creamy, tasty, classic dolce.Learn Italian grammar online and enjoy this favourite dessert with Sorrento Lingue, Italian language school in the bay of Naples and practice Italian with these activities.

Completa condeve/ c’è/ decidono/ vogliono/ descrive

level a1.2+

Le origini del tiramisù sono molto incerte, per questo motivo in Italia……… una sorta di contesa tra Toscana, Piemonte e Veneto. La versione ufficiale della storia del tiramisù …………… la nascita nel XVII secolo a Siena quando alcuni pasticceri per l’arrivo del Granduca di Toscana Cosimo de Medici, ……………… di preparare un dolce.
Il dolce ……………… rispecchiare la personalità del Granduca: quindi ………….. creare un dolce importante e gustoso ma con ingredienti semplici.

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E tu, sai preparare il tiramisù?

Segui la video ricetta e completa l’esercizio

Italian & cooking in Sorrento


Usate e completate con l’imperativo e con i pronomi necessari.

livello a2+

Ecco come fare un vero tiramisù: dovete prima di tutto dividere gli albumi dai tuorli e metterli in due terrine separate. Aggiungete ai tuorli 70 g di zucchero.

Con l’aiuto di uno sbattitore elettrico, (voi-montare)…………………………per bene fino ad ottenere un composto chiaro e spumoso.

A questo punto, aggiungete anche il mascarpone e lavorate il tutto fino a quando non ottenete una crema soffice ed omogenea.

Ora (voi-mettersi)……………………… a montare a neve ben ferma gli albumi.

Quando gli albumi saranno semi-montati, versate poco alla volta 70 g di zucchero nel composto e montate il tutto.

(voi-aggiungere)……………………….. al composto di tuorli, zucchero e mascarpone.

Eseguite quest’operazione con molta delicatezza, mescolando il tutto dal basso verso l’alto.

Mettete la crema in frigorifero a raffreddare. Prendete una ciotolina e mettete al suo interno i 10 g di zucchero rimasti, il liquore ed il caffè e mescolate bene.

Ora assemblate il vostro tiramisù: prendete una pirofila piccola e (voi- stendere)………………………….. dentro uno strato di crema fredda, poi (voi ricoprire)………………………………con uno strato di savoiardi bagnati.

Mettete il dolce in frigorifero per almeno due ore. Poco prima di servirlo aggiungete il cacao amaro in polvere.

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by Sorrento Lingue, Italian school in Sorrento

Pratica l’imperativo con i pronomi

Ripeti l’imperativo

Learn how to cook Italian in Sorrento

Getting to Amalfi Coast and getting around





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To see stunning summer views in different directions across the Bay of Naples, Italy you should visit the point of land protruding from the Sorrento peninsula known as Punta del Capo.
Many wealthy Romans built holiday villas on the panoramic points along the Sorrento coast and so it is not surprising that there are the extensive remains of a 1st century Roman villa on Punta del Capo.
You can explore the ruins at any time of the day free of charge and you will also find that it is good spot for photography.

How to get to Villa Pollio: leave Sorrento along Via del Capo in the direction of Massa Lubrense. You could walk, taking in the view over Marina Grande along the way, but it is uphill and can be hard work in hot weather. Or you could take the Linea A (Line A) orange bus to Capo di Sorrento from Piazza Tasso, which takes about ten minutes. Get off at the small hamlet of Capo di Sorrento, where there are a few shops and a bar.

Il Bagno della Regina Giovanna
You will see a signpost pointing to i ruderi romani (Roman ruins). It is a pleasant walk down to the sea along Via Punta Capo past the church of San Rosario.
You will come first to a natural triangular pool with an archway of rock over it which is known as il Bagno della Regina Giovanna (Queen Joan’s bath). The clear shimmering water in the pool attracts swimmers and snorkellers in the summer.
On the tip of Punta del Capo are the ruins of a large Roman villa which would once have had grand rooms from which the panoramic views of the bay could be enjoyed. The villa would also have had access from the sea for visitors arriving by boat.

Who built Villa Pollio? Many people believe that the villa was built by wealthy Roman citizen Pollio Felice and that sorrentothe ruins are of the magnificent holiday home described in the writings of both Horace and the poet Stazio. Pollio Felice was a learned historian, orator and poet who founded a library in Rome and was the protector of Virgil and Horace.

Queen Joan’s bath may have once been the swimming pool for the villa and it is thought there were also some beautiful gardens and a vineyard.
Another school of thought is that the
referred to by Horace and Stazio was actually located at nearby Marina di Puolo, a small beach further along the coast, and that the extensive buildings on Punta del Capo belonged to someone else.

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Heading to the Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi coast in winter? It can be a wonderful time of year to come… but if you’re planning to visit Sorrento and Amalfi Coast there are some things you have to keep in mind!

When is the off season in Sorrento and the Amalfi coast? From the end of October to April (excluding Easter).

What to expect in the off season? When most people think of Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, it’s summer scenes that come to mind: sipping drinks next to the hotel pool, taking boat rides along the coast, and sunbathing on the beach. And for those activities, winter isn’t such a great time to come.

But there are a couple of caveats about summer in Sorrento and the Amalfi coast.

First, be aware that, misconceptions to the contrary, beaches aren’t really the area’s major asset: the coastline tends to be rocky and sheer, so town beaches are relatively small and, in summer, packed. Sunbathing aside, high season in Sorrento and on the Amalfi coast comes with huge crowds and high prices. Yes, you can get away from the crowds by going beyond the “big three” of Sorrento, Amalfi Town, and Positano… but if you take the buses along the coast, for example, prepare to squeeze (and sweat).

During winter? You don’t have to deal with any of that. Not to mention that weather, while too chilly for sunbathing, might be balmier than you’d expect: average temperatures for Sorrento in December, January and February, for example, range from a low of about 40°F/5c to a high of 55°F/12c (which sounds pretty nice to us!). Yes, there’s more rain than usual—November is the rainiest month of the year—but there are still plenty of crisp, sunny days, too.
The weather might not always be perfect in the winter… but the coastline is still beautiful!
Some inconveniences aside, the Amalfi coast can make a great destination in the winter, especially when the weather is sunny, and if you’re not determined to lie on a beach or a boat.
If you come to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast in the low season: please have a list of sights you’d like to see, or day trips you’d like to go on, in case the weather is particularly chilly or rainy, like the museums of Salerno or Naples (very close to Sorrento) and know that, no matter what, you’re experiencing the Sorrento peninsula and Amalfi coast in a way that almost nobody else gets to.

by Sorrento lingue,Italian language & Culture courses

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Limoncello, the original recipe

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Sorrento prepares not only for Christmas holidays but also for the new year’s holidays in a particularly inviting way. Among the best attractions, in addition to music, gourmet demonstrations and fireworks, you can find also nativities and nativity figures.

Famous for its “tourist look” which makes it particularly inviting during the summer period, the town keeps its traditions in the field of hospitality and welcomes even when it is less expected.At this time Sorrento prepares to welcome in the best possible way all those tourists wishing to visit it, and creates a playful, festive atmosphere for the local inhabitants. Cultural, gourmet, musical and entertaining shows will be organised during the month of December to make Christmas a festival for everyone: in this particular time of the year, Sorrento will be once more the privileged destination of many tourists who will take advantage of the festivities to familiarise themselves with the town and all its typical activities, from the inlaid woodwork to the typical products such as the “limoncello” (typical lemon liqueur), which could be welcome gifts to put under the tree.

sorrento lingue (4)

On December, 31th just the fireworks (traditionally used to welcome the new year) are able to obscure the many illuminations which adorn the streets of the Sorrento Coast and the shop windows that display fantastic offers for Christmas shopping in Sorrento.

Amongst the many attractions capable of enrapturing everyone, there are the many nativities, the nativity figures dating back to the 18th century such as: the Cathedral nativity, the Sedil Dominova (former Government seat of the noble family) nativity; and also in the Basilica of Sant’Antonino, in the church of the Servants of Mary, in the Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation, in the Carmine church.

Those ones being keen on this kind of things, may easily organise an excursion to appreciate the nativities or the equally renowned nativity figures in San Gregorio Armeno in Naples.

There are many events that are not to be missed, which claim the attention of everyone every year and make a new year holiday in Sorrento particularly fascinating!

by Sant’Anna Institute,Sorrento Italia

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After the successful study trips to Venice and Puglia with Giuseppe Amoroso, the next study trip for our students will be on the romantic Amalfi Coast and Sorrento.

Our next trip includes:

Excursion to Pompeii ruins with expert guide

Excursion to Amalfi, Positano, Ravello (half day) and dinner in Positano

Excursion to Capri (on request)

Guided Tour of Sorrento and visit to a Limoncello factory with tasting
and of course:


  • Morning ITALIAN Language Courses (from Monday to Friday. From 9:00 to 12:40); *first day at 8.30 for Oral test to verify the exact level of students.
  • Teaching Material for the Italian course and Certificate at the end of the course.
  • Group transfer by private bus from Naples Airport to Sorrento return.


ACCOMMODATION  OPTIONS (all in the Centre of Sorrento)

  • Accommodation in a family home – Single room B&B
  • Single room in Shared Apartment
  • 3 star Hotel
  • 4 star Hotel

Dates:   APRIL 12th – 19th, 2015

Suggested flights (British airways) :

  • April 12th – from Gatwick to Naples at 15.00   arrives  at 18.40
  • April 19th – from Naples to Gatwick at 19.25   arrives  at 21.10

N.B.:      Flights to/from Naples Capodichino Airport:   NOT INCLUDED

bookings by  January 15th, 2015




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Autunno Sorrentino

Study Italian in Italy


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Italy’s Amalfi Coast is well known for its dramatic cliff-side views above the Mediterranean but also for places like Sorrento. It is a small town across the bay from Naples, with Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii in between. The town is perhaps most famous for its production of limoncello, the sweet digestivo liqueur made from Sorrento lemons (which are as big as grapefruits).

During summer the town is perfect for strolling, getting a pizza, eating gelato, people watching, having espresso, and buying more limoncello. Of course, the beaches are also among the main attractions of the town. Sorrento is a great place for pedestrians: after 6 or 7 pm, the streets even close completely to cars, creating a peaceful, festive atmosphere.

You can spend your evenings drinking wine and strolling the quiet grounds through groves of olive and lemon trees, sometimes hearing the faint strum of a guitar or a mandolino (an instrument which originated in Naples), one night overhearing an open-air aria from a nearby amphitheater.

From the main Naples train station, Sorrento is easily accessible on the Circumvesuviana line, which runs around the Bay of Napoli. This line also provides direct access to Pompeii, where you can take a day trip during your Sorrento stay: the ancient, lava-buried city is an incredible site for the archeologists in all of us. Your imaginations will soar while contrasting the floor plans between noble homes and peasant neighborhoods, exploring the pizza ovens, jail cells, theaters and vineyards. There are even free bicycles for visitors to ride around the outer ring of the grounds, Vesuvius looming quietly less than 8 miles to the North.
2014-06-28 17.42.20
Other activities in the region include hiking along the Amalfi coast, high above the Mediterranean; riding the ferry to the alluring islands of Capri or Ischia; taking the train into the center of Naples to experience the “chaos” of Southern Italy’s most notoriously town.

by Sant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue

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And dreaming of your next trip to Italy,enjoy a great song…

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