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Michela has been teaching Italian for more than 12 years, in an Italian language school and as homestay teacher. She has taught all ages and all levels.

For the students, she is the ideal host teacher. Michela makes you discover the wonderful world of Mesagne in Puglia and above all, makes you feel part of her lovely famiglia.

Michela, your favourite words in Italian

Convivio, Condivisione, Fruscio, Garbo, Mare, Zagara, Tramontana

 What do you like to do in Mesagne

Go for a walk in the old town in the late afternoon, have an aperitivo sitting in piazza and chat with my good friends.

What do you miss from Italy, when you are abroad

The scents from the home made Apulian cuisine, which you can appreciate when you walk  at midday in town. Roast sweet peppers, fresh tomato sauce, focaccia, polpette

The must-see panorama in Puglia

After seeing trulli in Alberobello, the white city Ostuni and the queen of Baroque, Lecce go off the beaten path and head to the dunes along the Ionian coastal road on a sunny summer day and the pink lands with the flourished peach trees.

Top thing to do in Puglia

Dancing the folk dance Pizzica salentina in piazza in a small village on a typical festival of the Patron.

Funny memory

Sunday lunch with my family from 1 to 5 pm 🙂

Favourite days of the week

Thursday and Saturday, when I can visit my favourite open market in Brindisi and in Francavilla Fontana, buy shoes and get a great deal.

Negative aspects from the local community

The people skipping the queue 🙁


What to buy before leaving Puglia

Caciocavallo, tarallini, a portrait of an old olive grove, coffee, a bottle of Riserva Negroamaro.

What do Apulians like

Invite you at the last minute  for lunch, dinner or coffee.

Italian Summer Courses 2017 @ L'acanto.it

Three unforgettable testimonials from your students @ l´Acanto


„L’Acanto is not only about learning Italian, but also about learning about the culture of south Italy and the warmth of its citizens (Annette, UK)“

„The School is so friendly, you feel like a member of  their  Italian family! (Sandrino, Netherland)“

„With Michela each moment is lived intensively and the past is really ‘passato remoto’, (Nathalie, Belgium)

Favourite place to take your students

The town of Brindisi, along the Via Appia, and getting astonished by the beauty of its port from the top of the stairs, from which the two Roman columns dominate the view.

First memories as a teacher

On my first day as a teacher at L’Acanto,12 years ago, I decided to follow my favourite’s teachers steps. I thought of how much fun I had as a student when I was learning English through the interaction with my colleagues, singing a foreign song, writing a letter to my Scottish pen-friend, reading books, travelling abroad and speaking with the locals.

Best tips for your students

Speak Italian without fear. Make mistakes and with self revision, a good discipline and a healthy memory, learn and have fun!

Sing a song in Italian for us

Meraviglioso, ma come non ti accorgi di quanto il mondo sia meraviglioso. Ti hanno inventato il mare… ti sembra niente il sole, la vita, l´amore. Meraviglioso! (by the Apulian singer Domenico Modugno)

The best way of learning Italian? Practice in the country where it is spoken! Michela @ L’Acanto, Puglia

Where to study Italian: Mesagne, Puglia












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The first thing you did when you arrive back in Mesagne and when you got up in Mesagne?

A wonderful meal with my hosting family on my late arrival.  The next day I made it a point to visit the lovely people who own the fruttivendolo, the fruit and vegetable store.  Getting to know them was one of the highlights of my first trip to Mesagne and then I visited the Centro Storico, the historic center, to breathe in the centuries old atmosphere of the place.

What advice would you give to a tourist?

At first glance, Mesagne may seem like a sleepy town, but there is actually quite a bit of vitality here, and two examples of this vitality come immediately to mind.  First, on Sunday morning if you take a walk to the park in the center of town you will find it filled with people of all ages.  It is a delight to watch the young families with children playing on the playground equipment, or the older children playing basketball or soccer.  And don’t forget to sit on a park bench to engage one of the old men sitting there in conversation. I have learned much about the history of Mesagne by doing so. Second, Mesagne is transformed late at night on a Friday or Saturday.  If you walk in or around the Centro Storico at 11:00 PM, you will find the streets filled with strolling people, and all the restaurants and bars will be filled with people sipping caffèamaro or a delicious gelato.

If you had to be locked in a building overnight, which would it be?



I guess it would have to be il Castello.  What an amazing building with a rich history. The local tour guide arranged by Michela, the owner of l´Acanto School, to show my wife and me around the castle. She was a wonderfully enjoyable and knowledgeable young woman who helped the castle and all of the Centro Storico come alive for us.  A highlight of our tour was the photo that she took of us in the medieval style “phone booth.”

Best place for a romantic dinner in Mesagne?

It would have to be in a Trattoria nel Centro Storico.  Their antipasto is unlike anything I had ever experienced.  It is a meal in itself, comprised of at least a dozen little dishes prepared to order and served one at a time as they become ready.  Each one is a morsel of a typical regional dish, served by one of three different and friendly waiters.

What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?

Two things come to mind.  I would order flyers to be sent out to every school, library and travel agency in the world alerting people to the beauty of this gem of a city hidden in the heart of Puglia, and I would be sure to include a link to the “Happy Mesagne” song video.  Second, I would declare a feastday to celebrate the people of Mesagne.

Earliest Mesagne memory?

The first day we spent in Mesagne. I decided to do a little exploring.  I went into town and sat in the park to observe the older men sitting on benches and having animated conversations among themselves.  It reminded me so much of the conversations older men have in the Italian American neighborhood in which I grew up.  I enjoyed watching the children playing and seeing the people strolling by.  It filled me with gratitude to be sitting there in the land of my ancestry.

If you could buy any building in Mesagne, which would it be?

I guess I would buy one of the houses in the Centro Storico.  It is the heart of Mesagne, so to live there would be to wrap myself in the richness of the centuries old history and tradition of the place and close to the enoteca, a lovely wine bar, Michela brought all the students there one evening and we had a very enjoyable time.

What is your favourite Apulian discovery?

All the quaint and wonderful towns in the region:  Alberobello and Locorotondo, Pollignano a Mare, Monopoli, Porto Cesareo and Gallipoli to name just a few.

ulivo puglia mesagne


In addition, Lecce is a beautiful city with wonderful examples of Baroque art and architecture.  Moreover, the many miles of seacoast are spectacular, and the Adriatic coast is so different from the Ionian.  Finally, I have fallen in love with the ancient olive groves.  Each tree is unique and magnificent in it’s own way, standing like a sage with deep wisdom to impart if only one would sit with it in quiet and solitude.

Best advice for students of Italian?

There are many Italian language schools in Italy.  I attended two of them before finding l’Acanto.  Michela is an excellent instructor and the other schools also had excellent instructors. Nevertheless, I have attended classes at l’Acanto two years in a row and I intend to return because of the quality of the relationship that Michela and her family offered me and all the other students as well.  Having good relationships is important to me and I truly feel like I have a family in Mesagne.

 by Donato, student @ lacanto.it in Mesagne, Puglia

school of italian puglia

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Everytime I have cooking lessons with my students, their most common questions are: What is the best Italian dressing for a good salad? What are the tricks to make a good tiramisù?

About the first question, in Puglia we use the local extra virgin olive oil, salt and vinegar from white wine, for us aceto balsamico is too sweet (and more common in the area of Modena).

For the second question I get dazzled, because the tiramisù ́s recipe is so simple that you just need fresh eggs and savoiardi.

But my question is: Why is the tiramisù the most well known Italian dessert in the world? My only explanation is because is very simple, fast and tasty like most of the Italian cuisine.

Then what could be another good cake less popular but so good and healthier? La crostata!!!

What’s crostata? Let me tell you, it is an easy and traditional recipe made up of short bread and delicious home made jam. In summer in Puglia we have plenty of delicious frutta fresca and we love to prepare homemade jam.

crostata (4)


How to make a perfect crostata


1 cucchiaino di lievito per dolci, 300 grammi farina, 100 grammi burro (temperatura ambiente) tagliato a pezzetti, buccia grattuggiata di limone, 150 grammi di zucchero, 1 uovo, 1 albume, 200 grammi marmellata

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Mescolare a mano la farina con un cucchiaio di lievito (baking powder) per dolci.

Aggiungere il burro tagliato a pezzetti. Impastare il tutto. Aggiungere lo zucchero, la buccia (peel) grattuggiata  di limone. Mescolare ancora. Aprire una conca nel mezzo e aggiungere l´uovo. Mescolare il tutto fino ad ottenere un impasto omogeneo e compatto. Avvolgerlo in pellicola e tenerlo in frigo per 30 minuti.

Stendere un ¾  dell´impasto (dough) per una base torta di forma rotonda in una teglia. Coprire la base con marmellata. Con l´impasto creare delle strisce (stripes) da mettere poi sulla torta.

Spalmare l´albume con le mani o con un pennello sulla superficie della pasta frolla (crust). Infornare in forno preriscaldato a 180° per circa 30 minuti fino alla sua doratura.

crostata (1)


Buona Crostata a tutti!

Michela, teacher and director of L’Acanto, school of Italian in Mesagne, Puglia

Volare…Cantare…ho, oh oh!


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I just needed a break so I asked myself: “Do I book a trip for the weekend? … maybe a SPA” … but even that did not convince me and then I thought: I am in Lecce, what better way to explore some places in Salento!



My weekend was scheduled in three days:

On Friday: Acaya and Otranto



I left for the Adriatic coast to visit the small town of Acaya, a fraction of Vernole counting roughly 500 inhabitants.



This fortified town from the Middle Ages is enclosed by walls that welcome the Castle and the small but cosy old town with buildings made entirely of local stone.

And needless to say how much I was fascinated not only by the architecture, but also by the beautiful sunlight reflecting in the local stone that gives the gold colour to the buildings!

After a quiet and relaxing walk through the alleys of the old town and, of course, a caffè Leccese  (a single espresso in a glass cup with ice and almond milk), I am ready to leave for the next destination: Otranto.



The beautiful and romantic city in the East of Italy boasts clear waters and beautiful places to visit, such as the Castello, the Old Town, the Cattedrale with the famous mosaic of the tree of life and the extraordinary Quarry bauxite.



I could not believe my eyes how much natural beauty I could enjoy on this day. The nature, the sea and unique natural views are in my mind because their rare beauty makes me believe more and more that Lecce and Salento is the best place for a perfect stay!

So … in the meantime that you dream looking at these photos, see you at the next tour!

Arrivederci,  by Maria, Italian host tutor in www.italiahomestay.com, Lecce, Puglia 

To be continued…

Next time I will tell you about my Saturday in Gallipoli and Punta della Suina and Sunday in Maglie and Leuca.

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Diario di un’insegnante

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While getting ready to visit Puglia for the first time, try to learn a few Italian words in order to get more familiar with the Apulia’s history and culinary tradition: masseria, mar Ionio, mar Adriatico, Bizantino, Romanico, Barocco, torre costiera, centro storico, piazza, castello, panino imbottito, carciofo, spumone, pasticciotto… ready,steady,go!

Day One: our first stop will be in the same area of Brindisi Airport, where surprisingly you can visit a lovely Church, Santa Maria del Casale, a special portrait of the Romanico art, built around XIV century, get in and admire its amazing “affresco” (fresco).

lacanto.it (9)

Then, ready to get to the centre of the town, and start our walking from the sunny port, where it is possible either to have a delicious gelato, or start going up the fantastic stairs leading to the Roman Columns, symbol of the town. According to their legend, they represent the end of the Appian way, in the past Brindisi was one of the most important port in the Mediterranean sea, connecting the East with the West. From the top you enjoy a great view over the port.

Day Two: we are leaving the Adriatic Coast, driving on the Appian way in order to get to the Ionian Sea. Let’s stop in the first town on the way, Mesagne, about 10 km from Brindisi. It is one of the first towns as example of Barocco. Firstly, let’s visit the master of the town, the Castle Normanno Svevo, located in the heart shaped historic centre. Enjoy a visit inside to see its tower, court yard, museum, the noble first floor.

Later, get to the back of the castle and take a picture of the beautiful piazza Orsini and its gem, la Chiesa di Sant’ Anna. And following the cobbled small streets come into the most important church, Chiesa Madre.lacanto.it (1)

After such a lovely walk, you might like the idea to have a glass of the local red wine and enjoy the locals specialties made up of artichoke (carciofi), a great vegetable from the nearest countryside and the old ice cream, spumone.

It is still possible to see the Roman’s evidence getting to the only archaeological site, in its peculiar position, under the modern Theatre. Try also to find the nearest Palazzo Nervegna, a lovely palace, where there is an amazing display of the original Roman capital.

In the town you can also find evidence of the later historical time, the medieval one, thanks to the picturesque balconies, Fontana Tancredi, Loggia Balsamo, il Portico dei Templari. Even more interesting is the temple San Giovanni al Sepolcro, built in Crusade Times around XI century, as justifying why many crusades came over Brindisi before reaching Jerusalem.

After our delicious meal, we are ready to visit Oria, the unique town posted on the top of the hill, so rare to get so many like that because of one of the flattest area in Puglia. In Oria is still possible to visit an old Jewish ghetto, flourished in VII and X century. You can still visit the Jewish Gate. Then, wondering in the small streets surrounded by beautiful balconies and facades of the centro storico, you climb to the Castello Svevo, such an important monument because the German emperor Frederich got married.

To complete our trip today, we enjoy a lovely panino imbottito, an interesting sandwich with the local fresh bread reminding of a French baguette, stuffed with mortadella, provolone cheese, salami, tuna and pickles. It represents a traditional old snack.

Day Three: let’s leave the town in order to get as soon as possible to the coast and see the mar Ionio. After less than 40 minutes we are already driving along the scenery coastal road, with its massive old towers, fortress dating back the XV century.

Enjoy the sandy beaches and the fantastic panorama, by also taking over the natural lacanto.it (4)reserves of Porto Cesareo and Porto Selvaggio. Next destination Gallipoli, considered the pearl in the Ionian Sea. In the peculiar circular centro storico, guided by the local breeze, we visit the cathedral San’Agata, symbol of the local Barocco, together with the church San Francesco di Paola and San Francesco di Assisi. But even more interesting the fantastic private palaces we can admire from theirs facades as evidence of the large number of noble people living here in the past.

Also in Gallipoli, as in many other Puglian towns, you can find one more castle, recently restored, surrounded by the port and all the fisherman coming back from work. And if we are able to arrive into the town early in the morning, one of the first stop will be in the picturesque fish market, in fact Gallipoli is one of the best place to eat fish.

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lacanto.it (15)

Day Four: destination Otranto, on the other side of the coast, facing the Adriatic Sea. Before getting there, we will not miss a stop in one of the most interesting and elegant town, Galatina, and its beautiful church Santa Caterina di Alessandria, Unesco Heritage.

Let’s drive over along the way surrounded by olive trees and Masseria. In this way, we are arriving to the furthest Eastern Italian area, Otranto, one more Unesco Heritage.

As usual we will find an important and beautiful castle, and the first visit will be in the fantastic cathedral, where it is possible to admire one of the best mosaic floored. The special feature is that the cathedral represents a previous important art to Barocco, which is called Romanico Pugliese, around XIII century.

Once we get out of the church, we will wonder around the town, surrounded by walls, a blue sea, a port and along its small streets it is possible to have a feeling of being in Greece or Spain because of its lovely white houses and balconies.

As soon as finished our visits and shopping, a great idea is to enjoy the local beach to swim and sunbathe.

Day 5: waking up in Otranto, on this day the most sensational feeling will be to get the first ray of sun in Italy, and once blessed we will be ready to continue our journey. Destination Lecce, one of the most beautiful art town in Puglia. Before getting there, it’s worth a great driving along the coast, one of the driving road in Italy, because nature is absolutely breathless.

lacanto.it (19)In Lecce we get in the direction of the centro storico, and we go through one of the three main old gates. One of the most beautiful piazza will be in front of the Duomo. Then, in order to have a better feeling and understandable meaning of Barocco, let’s visit the important Basilica di Santa Croce. And from there let’s find more historical notes, and discover a Roman anfitheatre, a strategic historical point from where it is visible the evidence of three different architectures at the same time: Barocco, Roman, Fascist.

Day 6: in the morning there will be a better departure, such as a cup of coffee without any sugar, but together with a sweet pasticciotto, short bread cupcake stuffed with custard.

We need to leave only because we are short of time,and our wish to come back to the heel of Puglia will be filled with a warm sun and a lovely breeze! Arrivederci Puglia!

by Michela, teacher @ L’Acanto.it

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That in Puglia, the land of sun and sea, it snows is rare and that it happens in Villa Castelli, country of wine and oil, is definitely an event!

But we have greeted the 2015 in this way!

On December 31st, each of us, every “castellano” stood up and, opening the windows, found a unusual, magical and sweet Villa Castelli, a  snowy Villa Castelli!

Could it be a message for the new year? A magic 2015?!? Well … let’s keep our fingers crossed!

We did not missed the opportunity to get out on the street and meet all of our friends and students in the snow coming down in big flakes … oh wait, I forgot: Maya Louise saw snow for the first time and like any self-respecting Pug, she was virtually nestled in the snow and did not want to come off as the most immense surprise it was for her!italian tutor homestay

Every roof and every street was immersed in pure white snow and the cones of the trulli were so white that were almost mingled with the sky!

The old town, with the ravine and its Mediterranean maquis were completely white, only a few leaves differed. The children made snowmen and grandparents were at home making  “purcidduzzi”. What are “purcidduzzi“? Hmmm a typical Christmas sweet (another)! So, for dinner everything would have been all ready: all at grandparents’ house for dinner near the fireplace, to hear their always “legendary” stories and look at snowflakes from the window.

The view from our trullo was enchanting for me and the students! It seemed to be in one of those countries of the fairy tales where in the vast expanses of snow you meet the reindeer and the elves, maybe even Santa Claus (ah yes, he has already come and we wait for the Befana!), but we are in Villa Castelli, in Puglia!

italian tutor homestay

The landscape was quite charming and a great surprise for us!

It was a shame (or fortunately) that lasts little, but tomorrow the sun will shine again and, to be honest, as an 100% Apulia…I can’t wait!

by Maria, Italian host tutor in www.italiahomestay.com, Villa Castelli, Puglia 

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Like any self-respecting tradition,  Italians (Apulians) eat pettole during the feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8th of December.





Pettole are a delicious sweet, typical of Apulia that is repeated throughout the Christmas period, with other delicacies.

So, here we are already in the Christmas spirit, could not do anything else but make a cooking class for our students of the Italian language and culture in order to breath this magic atmosphere of waiting and taste!

italiahomestay (3)Here is the recipe, the original, the traditional one:

half kilo of flour 00

half a cube of yeast

half a tablespoon of salt, water, sugar and honey

italiahomestay (4)


After heating the water to a warm temperature, melt the cube of yeast and mix with the other ingredients to form a soft dough.

Let it rest for about two hours.

While you fry the sunflower oil for frying, prepare the balls with a wet spoon and immediately immerse them in the oil. Wait for pettole are browned to store them in a tray and season at will, with sugar or honey.

italiahomestay (2)

Now we have just to taste them, so… buon appetito!


Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo!

da Maria, Italian host tutor in www.italiahomestay.com, Villa Castelli, Puglia 

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I live in a small Apulian town, very cozy and typical in the province of Brindisi called Villa Castelli.

The origin of the name is still undefined, but it is said it derives from either “Li Castelli” or “Monte Castello”, due to the presence in the area of two castles: the Palazzo Ducale built with towers and cannons and the Palazzo of Antoglia, very impressive. In any case, for sure we know that then the name Villa Castelli (“cities and castles”) became the final name.

It is from this enchanted place that my project started.

I have always had a passion for foreign languages and for travelling, because I deeply believe in the meeting of cultures and since I am always happy to know new ones, after several trips to Europe, I decided to let the world come to my house and to give the possibility to my guests to know the jewels of my land: my beloved Puglia.

It’s my home the symbol of this meeting, where through the door you enter an Italian world made of myths, legends and curiosity (do you know the lavurieddo?), but also of truth and unforgettable experiences where all leave their mark.

I have always believed in this, so I became a teacher of Italian as a second language through study and experience. My dream is to convey our language and our culture in a welcoming atmosphere made of family and friendship, made of Italian at 100% because I wish that the Italian language leaves an indelible sign of love in the hearts of everyone. In fact, over the years Finns, Americans, British, Dutch and Czechs who have enjoyed our hospitality and our services have followed. Each of them has chosen accommodation in a typical family context: a single room or in our home or in our trullo just steps away from us, to enjoy our traditions and our past and followed one of my language courses and Italian culture, structured with interactive and entertaining materials, also related to the topic of the day. I remember with pleasure the lesson of the tarantella that saw the end of the day with a fun-filled evening of dancing under the stars and much, much good food.

villa castelli puglia (2)

We like to organize excursions and guided tours because we believe that the stereotypes of Southern Italy should be killed and that now is the right time to show the world the extraordinary beauty of Puglia. Puglia, the hill of the boot is unique and magical, offers many original and interesting activities, such as pottery workshops, guided tours in vineyards and olive presses to closely see the production of the best Italian wine and oil, it has the mythical trulli that make people dream of domes and legendary symbols, archaeological sites for fans of ancient history and beautiful seaside city for romantics.

I can not forget that in all this no one speaks a language that is not Italian and the thrill of being surrounded by pure Italian climate is absolutely charming and unique.villa castelli puglia (1)

My family is my staff, where we are all “all for one and one for all”! The fantastic cook of the house is my mom that every day delights anyone’s palate with delicious recipes from the Apulian cuisine, whereas dad, a supporter of the true Italian football is great company for all kinds of talk and of course, the backbone of our family. We love to involve our guests in all our activities, from the rafting day to the trip at the market, because we are a very active  and dynamic family, with many interests and entertainment to want to share together. It’s just sharing our strong point.

Oh I forgot … to represent all that there are our two mascots: Maya Louise and Gigino ! A cute pug with a curly tail that from her eyes she shows love and sweetness with her little brother more than cunning and dispenser of pampering and fun … oh yes, because we love animals and without them everything would be different !!!

Puglia is made of many colours and many shades that make you dream so … please … don’t wake me up!

by Maria, Italian teacher in  Italiahomestay.com, Italian host tutor in Puglia

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La Frisa: una ricetta ideale per un’estate in Puglia

Se gli americani la mangiassero, la definirebbero un ‘doughnut’ croccante!  In realtà è un prodotto molto più antico di quello statunitense. Infatti, si dice che sia stato inventato nel periodo dei Crociati, i quali viaggiando per lunghi giorni sulle navi avevano bisogno di cibo che si conservasse bene. Inoltre, molto interessante è il foro centrale, che serviva per infilare innumerevoli pezzi come per creare una collana.La frisa è tradizionalmente fatta di grano duro, più o meno grande quanto un palmo della mano, ed è uno dei cibi tradizionalmente tramandati dai nostri nonni. Tutti noi in Puglia ricordiamo le serata trascorse a casa dai nonni, dove la frisa era sinonimo di compagnia e voglia di estate insieme ad una bella fetta di anguria come dessert servita molto fredda.

Il modo migliore per degustarla è utilizzando ingredienti semplici e freschi: olio extra vergine di oliva, sale, pomodorini ciliegia e origano. Per preparare una buona frisa è importante prima di tutto bagnarla in acqua per pochi istanti, perché più acqua assorbirà e più tenderà a spappolarsi, quasi come si preferisce la pasta al dente, non scotta e non troppo dura… al punto giusto. Infatti, si preferisce mangiarla non troppo ammorbidita dall’acqua, altrimenti ‘sponza’, verbo importante usato nella provincia di Brindisi per descrivere la frisa troppo bagnata, quasi come gonfiata, cresciuta, spappolata.

Successivamente, bisogna stendere sulla base della frisa un filo di olio e condire con un pizzico di sale. Poi, tagliare i pomodorini a metà e schiacciarli, perché la loro polpa sarà il condimento principale per gustarla al meglio. Infine, condire nuovamente con un filo di olio, una spruzzata di sale e di origano.


Oggi, sulle spiagge pugliesi è ancora molto comune mangiare una frisa inzuppata nell’acqua di mare, un gesto molto pratico in quanto non è necessario usare il sale marino. Tale gesto indica come ancora nella maggior parte delle coste pugliesi il mare sia pulito.

Non rimane che andare in vacanza in Puglia ed entrare in un panificio per comprare una scorta di frise da preparare a pranzo o a cena perché sono facili da preparare, perché è un cibo molto sano e soprattutto ideali da mangiare in estate. Buona frisa!

di Michela, insegnante presso L’Acanto.it, Puglia

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Quando lo scrittore Roberto Saviano ha pubblicato la sua inimitabile lista delle 10 cose più importanti per cui valga la pena vivere in Italia, ho cominciato a stilare anche io una mia piccola lista.

Ho cominciato a immaginare anche una lista dei dieci motivi per cui valga la pena visitare la Puglia e apprezzare la sua ‘Grande Bellezza’…

  1. Atterrare sul porto di Brindisi planando sul Mare Adriatico
  2. Scoprire che anche al Sud si parla italiano
  3. Mangiare le bontà locali senza pentirsi mai, tanto al check-in peseranno solo la valigia
  4. Rimanere chiuso in macchina perché il sistema di apertura si è bloccato, in pieno centro storico di un piccolo paese e vedere un’intera comunità che si mobilita per aiutarti ad uscirne fuori
  5. Passeggiare la sera lungo le antiche vie del centro storico della città guidati dalla luce soffusa dei lampioni
  6. Ammirare diverse generazioni che ballano tutti insieme in piazza al ritmo della Pizzica Salentina
  7. Sentire nell’aria gli odori di antiche ricette mentre cammini per le strada ed i rumori di padelle che ti avvertono che è ora di pranzo.
  8. Chiacchierare con gli anziani seduti sulle panchine e scoprire che sono lontani parenti
  9. Poter ancora vedere bambini che si divertono a giocare per strada
  10. Sedersi ai tavolini del bar in una piazza assolata e assistere al rito domenicale della passeggiata

La lista potrebbe allungarsi ancora, così è anche bello poter aggiungere un undicesimo punto perché Antonio, anche lui pugliese doc,  ha scritto: “E poi sentire continuamente il richiamo dei due mari che ti circondano e ti invitano a fare lunghe passeggiate solitarie in inverno quando il suono e il profumo del mare è incontaminato e ti siedi in spiaggia ipnotizzato dal ritmo incessante delle onde limpide”

by Michela, Italian teacher and director in L’Acanto, Puglia


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