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I just found this map of Italy by Classic Italian film and thought it is very stimulating, especially if you consider that the most productive regions (Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Lazio and Sicilia above all others) seem to work with genres that are seen as more appropriate to the cultural atmosphere of their specific territory.

For example, immersed in the grey metropolitan scenarios of the workaholic Lombardia you will find bright examples of Italian noir of the early 70s, later turned into the exploitation subgenre known as poliziottesco (I milanesi ammazzano al sabato, which by the way is not the exact title of the movie, is just one of many quotable classics: see also unforgettable masterpieces like Milano calibro 9 or Milano odia: la polizia non può sparare) or several titles referable to the commedia comica tradition (Il ragazzo di campagna with comedian Renato Pozzetto is just one of the many quotable productions: see also the trashy masterpiece Fratelli d’Italia or one of the many movies starring singer Adriano Celentano, such as Lui è peggio di me).

On the other hand, Emilia Romagna, with its endless plains and its decadent moods, blooms with titles by maestros such as Federico Fellini and Bernardo Bertolucci: the first with his oniric and almost mystic approach to reality, obvious in the quoted classic Amarcord; the latter with his majestic fresco of Italian history that is Novecento, somehow continuing the realist tradition of early XX century Italian literature and the moods of some late neorealist classics (see Il Gattopardo by Luchino Visconti).

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Lazio, being the region of political and spiritual power, suffers from a sort of good tempered parochialism, offering more than a title strictly related to the cultural and linguistic features of Rome and its sorrounding: the renowned Marchese del Grillo stands alongside many other historical dramas set in the papal Rome, such as Nell’anno del Signore or In nome del Papa Re, all presenting very strict references to roman dialects and famous roman vernacular poets (Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli and Trilussa above all others); later, neorealism will draw with both hands from the dramatic experience of nazist occupation of Lazio (La ciociara) and from the postbellic and postindustrial despair in the big city (Accattone and Amore Tossico, both starring amateur actors picked up from the streets).

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Finally, the harsh and yet amazingly beautiful scenario of Sicilia has inspired movies in which the cultural features of southern Italy are clearly recognizable: the unforgiving presence of traditional family, with its suffocating tentacles, and the women’s role are two main topics in movies such as Divorzio all’italiana and Sedotta e abbandonata, both by Pietro Germi; and yet this accurate analysis of sicilian social structures sometimes leaves room to a more surrealistic approach, such as the one offerd in Totò che visse due volte by Ciprì & Maresco. Interestingly enough, movies about Mafia are not that common, or at least not as much as a foreign viewer might think…

by Enrico, teacher @ Kappa Language School in Rome

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To master the prepositions you need a lot of practice, try with this activity.

First combine the 10 definite articles with the basic prepositions and then fill the gaps in the following 6 phrases.

Buon lavoro, Antonio

Preposizioni articolate

di + le =

di + i =

a + le =

su + l’=

su + gli =


da + il  =

a+i =

in + il =

a+il =

Usa le preposizioni articolate per completare l’esercizio

  1. Oggi andiamo _______ Musei Vaticani.
  2. Voglio vedere il Museo ________ cere.
  3. Il prezzo______________biglietti è 3 euro.
  4. Le rose sono _______ soggiorno.
  5. Esco di casa _______ otto.
  6. I miei libri sono _______ zaino.

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Articoli Determinativi
il al dal del nel sul
lo allo dallo dello nello sullo
l’ all’ dall’ dell’ nell’ sull’
i ai dai dei nei sui
gli agli dagli degli negli sugli
la alla dalla della nella sulla
l’ all’ dall’ dell’ nell’ sull’
le alle dalle delle nelle sulle


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Trova l’errore e cambia o aggiungi la preposizione quando necessario

  1. La colazione è compresa nello prezzo della camera.
  2. Per arrivare sull’università vai dritto e poi alla prima strada a sinistra.
  3. L’ufficio postale è davanti alla ristorante greco.
  4. L’edicola è accanto allo supermercato.
  5. C’ è un parcheggio vicino al stazione?
  6. Vado per prendere una pizza, vuoi qualcosa?
  7. Ti piace giocare il calcio?
  8. Appena finisco lavorare ti chiamo e organizziamo qualcosa per stasera.
  9. Davanti di Duomo c’ è un albergo molto carino e non è tanto costoso.
  10. Cerco per gli occhiali da un’ora, sai dove si trovano?
  11. La farmacia è fra il teatro e la chiesa

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original title: DOPO MEZZANOTTE
directed by: Davide Ferrario
cast: Giorgio Pasotti, Francesca Inaudi, Fabio Troiano, Francesca Picozza
Venue: Italian Cultural Institute, 39 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8NX

Martino is the night guardian of the Mole, the Turin Museum of Cinema. But for him it’s not just a job. From midnight on he considers himself the master of the place. He spends his life watching the old silent movies until day comes, and then retiring to an abandoned office in the building to spend the rest of the day. The Angel is a petty thief from the outskirts of the city. He likes cars and girls. This does not make Amanda, his girlfriend, very happy. She would like to lead a regular life and she works hard to leave her tough neighborhood, but she is afraid she never will. One day Amanda gets into trouble and, running from the police, finds shelter in the Mole. Martino and Amanda could not be more different. He is used to loneliness – and now he has to share his pad with a girl. On the other hand, she never thought a dreamland like the Mole could exist. Slowly, something happens between them. But then it’s time for the Angel to go find his girlfriend. Their lives tangle up like one of the silent dramas Martino is so fond of.

In Italian with English Subtitles

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