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First thing you do when you arrive back in Sorrento?

Go to Raki gelateria to get a Vanilla and Ginger gelato!

What advice would you give to a tourist?



Beyond the most popular activities (like daytripping to Capri, Pompei e Vesuvio and the amazing Amalfi Coast), I would suggest exploring some of the lesser-known treasures, like the Regina Giovanna baths.

If you had to be locked in a building overnight, which would it be?

I would choose the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, one of the hotels on the coast, which has a gorgeous view of the bay as well as a spa! It’s an inspiring place!

Best place for a romantic holiday in Sorrento?

The Minervetta! According to the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards for 2016, it was voted the Top Hotel for Romance in Italy.

 What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?

Have a parade, like in the American tradition, to share this type of fun with the community of Sorrento.

Earliest Sorrento memory?

Christmas shopping on Corso Italia and admiring the ginormous Christmas tree in Tasso Square.

 What are your favourite late-night hangouts?

In the summer, anywhere on Corso Italia is hopping with excitement. I tend to enjoy the Guaraccino Bar, which is down a little alley just off of Tasso Square, where there are always many locals.




Best meal you’ve had in Sorrento?

Is that a trick question? It’s all delicious, but my guilty pleasure is the Clooney burger and gourmet fries at Star Pub where I can chat with waiters and locals and practise my Italian.

If you could buy any building in Sorrento, which would it be?

Maybe Bar Syranuse, which is in the heart of Sorrento in Tasso Square and has a side looking over the passage down to Marina Piccola.

 What is your favourite Sorrento discovery?



The Regina Giovanna bathsit’s a Roman ruin with a natural pool, which connects to the bay, and everytime I go, I’m speechless.

Best advice for other students?

Take advantage of your time in Sorrento. Go out and explore, meet the locals (they’re great), learn Italian, speak Italian and live like locals and have new experiences to remember for a lifetime!

by Olga, student @ Sorrento Lingue


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The days are shorter and nights are surely chillier in this season but it is a great time to spend in Sorrento anyway! Tourists numbers drop off in the Fall, so the best time to visit it is mid-September, October and November.

The warm sun and the brittle nights, the crowd which is smaller and smaller, the sea of the Sorrentine coast is lighted by a gold light of a shorter day….. the leaves which turn into brow and yellow at the end of October is a wonderful sight to see.
Fall is a season full of surprises in Sorrento and it has a lot to offer you, beside the wonderful natural beauties of the coast and the tourist attractions of the area rich in its fall colours.

Learn Italian in Sorrento  in an impressive historic structure perched on the cliffs of the Amalfi coast, overlooking the fishing village of Marina Grande and is a short walk from the city center.

The weather is perfect to go to visit all the tourist attractions like Pompeii or Herculaneum, or simply remain in the downtown for a nice walk among the alleys full of stores and bars. This is the best time to go to visit the museums and the churches and moreover all the fantastic natural places full of nature and that beauty you can see only during this season.


We suggest you also to visit the small but absolutely breath-taking public garden Villa Comunale of Sorrento (free entrance) from where you can admire the beautiful Gulf of Naples with its symbol Vesuvius. And in the evening, if you wish to try one of the best pizzas in the area!

by staff @ Sorrento Lingue

Christmas in Sorrento has a particular charm!




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How to make a proper tiramisù! Tiramisù is the Italian for ‘pick me up’ but mostly is the creamy, tasty, classic dolce.Learn Italian grammar online and enjoy this favourite dessert with Sorrento Lingue, Italian language school in the bay of Naples and practice Italian with these activities.

Completa condeve/ c’è/ decidono/ vogliono/ descrive

level a1.2+

Le origini del tiramisù sono molto incerte, per questo motivo in Italia……… una sorta di contesa tra Toscana, Piemonte e Veneto. La versione ufficiale della storia del tiramisù …………… la nascita nel XVII secolo a Siena quando alcuni pasticceri per l’arrivo del Granduca di Toscana Cosimo de Medici, ……………… di preparare un dolce.
Il dolce ……………… rispecchiare la personalità del Granduca: quindi ………….. creare un dolce importante e gustoso ma con ingredienti semplici.

Adattato da: giallozafferano.it

E tu, sai preparare il tiramisù?

Segui la video ricetta e completa l’esercizio

Italian & cooking in Sorrento


Usate e completate con l’imperativo e con i pronomi necessari.

livello a2+

Ecco come fare un vero tiramisù: dovete prima di tutto dividere gli albumi dai tuorli e metterli in due terrine separate. Aggiungete ai tuorli 70 g di zucchero.

Con l’aiuto di uno sbattitore elettrico, (voi-montare)…………………………per bene fino ad ottenere un composto chiaro e spumoso.

A questo punto, aggiungete anche il mascarpone e lavorate il tutto fino a quando non ottenete una crema soffice ed omogenea.

Ora (voi-mettersi)……………………… a montare a neve ben ferma gli albumi.

Quando gli albumi saranno semi-montati, versate poco alla volta 70 g di zucchero nel composto e montate il tutto.

(voi-aggiungere)……………………….. al composto di tuorli, zucchero e mascarpone.

Eseguite quest’operazione con molta delicatezza, mescolando il tutto dal basso verso l’alto.

Mettete la crema in frigorifero a raffreddare. Prendete una ciotolina e mettete al suo interno i 10 g di zucchero rimasti, il liquore ed il caffè e mescolate bene.

Ora assemblate il vostro tiramisù: prendete una pirofila piccola e (voi- stendere)………………………….. dentro uno strato di crema fredda, poi (voi ricoprire)………………………………con uno strato di savoiardi bagnati.

Mettete il dolce in frigorifero per almeno due ore. Poco prima di servirlo aggiungete il cacao amaro in polvere.

Adattato da: galbani.it

by Sorrento Lingue, Italian school in Sorrento

Pratica l’imperativo con i pronomi

Ripeti l’imperativo

Learn how to cook Italian in Sorrento

Getting to Amalfi Coast and getting around





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Why Sorrento for Spring?

Because for all the pizza and limoncello clichés, this handsome seaside town, on the rocky peninsula that forms the southern reach of the Bay of Naples, has la dolce vita spirit down pat. And because, if you’re lucky with the weather, even this early in the year there are days that feel like high summer. By April spring is well and truly under way.

Dominating its own little bay-within-the-bay, Sorrento‘s seaside vocation is given historical depth by its wealth of Renaissance palazzi and Romanesque churches. It’s a perfect hopping-off point for the even more vertical charms of the Amalfi Coast on the southern side of the peninsula, and for the elegant resort island of Capri, which is just a 20-minute ferry ride away.
Spend the morning … Wandering around Sorrento‘s Renaissance and Baroque centro storico, which makes up in southern charm what it lacks in stand-out sights. And although few of the package visitors that throng the town ever discover them, there are a few worthwhile cultural draws – such as the Museobottega della Tarisalignea, dedicated to the history of Sorrento’s marquetry work, or the lovely 14th-century cloister of the church of San Francesco.

Spend the afternoon …



Exploring the Amalfi Coast, the vertical paradise of perched villages and rugged nature on the southern side of the Sorrentine peninsula.
Positano, the first of the Amalfi towns, is a Mediterranean marvel with its steeply-tiered pastel houses and dolce vita bars and boutiques; Amalfi, beyond, has a more medieval feel, and its Arab-Norman cathedral bears eloquent witness to the town’s high-water mark between the ninth and 12th centuries, when it was a powerful maritime republic.

Spend the next day…



Being alternative. There’s no denying that Pompeii, 17 miles from Sorrento is an amazing sight – an entire Roman town preserved in suspended animation as it was on the day in AD 79 when Vesuvius erupted and buried the place in volcanic ash. But Italy’s most visited archaeological site is always crowded.

Head instead for the other great Vesuvian site, Herculaneum, Ercolano which has had a facelift and now offers a far more pleasant visitor experience. And with its wide suspended walkways, it’s the only one worth considering for visitors with mobility difficulties.

Go shopping for…

Something other than limoncello. Inlaid intarsia furniture, or marquetry, is an ancient Sorrentine craft.

For local produce, head for the downtown outlet of organic farm Fattoria Terranova. Here you can buy homemade jams, savoury preserves, cheeses, olive oil and – yes, even limoncello – safe in the knowledge that they’re genuine and local.

by Sorrento lingue,Italian language & Culture courses

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Autunno Sorrentino

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 Fill the gaps with the present tense of the reflexive verbs in the list: 

pettinarsi, addormentarsi, iscriversi, farsi, lavarsi


es. 1) Marco ………si lava………i denti due volte al giorno.

2) Lucia e Elena ….………………i capelli con la spazzola.

3) Nostro padre …………..…la barba.

4) I bambini ……………………..alle 22:00 tutte le sere.

5) Carmen …………………all’università quest’anno.

Now put the verbs in brackets into the correct form

6) Voi (specchiarsi)…………………….continuamente.

7) Noi (bagnarsi)……………………in questo mare pulito.

8) Olga (prepararsi)…………………….la colazione con caffè e biscotti.

9) Noi (vestirsi)……………………in modo elegante.

10) Loro (svegliarsi)…………………..….presto la mattina.

Check here: Answer keys

 Revise the reflexive verbs and practice with more activities

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