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Everytime I have cooking lessons with my students, their most common questions are: What is the best Italian dressing for a good salad? What are the tricks to make a good tiramisù?

About the first question, in Puglia we use the local extra virgin olive oil, salt and vinegar from white wine, for us aceto balsamico is too sweet (and more common in the area of Modena).

For the second question I get dazzled, because the tiramisù ́s recipe is so simple that you just need fresh eggs and savoiardi.

But my question is: Why is the tiramisù the most well known Italian dessert in the world? My only explanation is because is very simple, fast and tasty like most of the Italian cuisine.

Then what could be another good cake less popular but so good and healthier? La crostata!!!

What’s crostata? Let me tell you, it is an easy and traditional recipe made up of short bread and delicious home made jam. In summer in Puglia we have plenty of delicious frutta fresca and we love to prepare homemade jam.

crostata (4)


How to make a perfect crostata


1 cucchiaino di lievito per dolci, 300 grammi farina, 100 grammi burro (temperatura ambiente) tagliato a pezzetti, buccia grattuggiata di limone, 150 grammi di zucchero, 1 uovo, 1 albume, 200 grammi marmellata

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Mescolare a mano la farina con un cucchiaio di lievito (baking powder) per dolci.

Aggiungere il burro tagliato a pezzetti. Impastare il tutto. Aggiungere lo zucchero, la buccia (peel) grattuggiata  di limone. Mescolare ancora. Aprire una conca nel mezzo e aggiungere l´uovo. Mescolare il tutto fino ad ottenere un impasto omogeneo e compatto. Avvolgerlo in pellicola e tenerlo in frigo per 30 minuti.

Stendere un ¾  dell´impasto (dough) per una base torta di forma rotonda in una teglia. Coprire la base con marmellata. Con l´impasto creare delle strisce (stripes) da mettere poi sulla torta.

Spalmare l´albume con le mani o con un pennello sulla superficie della pasta frolla (crust). Infornare in forno preriscaldato a 180° per circa 30 minuti fino alla sua doratura.

crostata (1)


Buona Crostata a tutti!

Michela, teacher and director of L’Acanto, school of Italian in Mesagne, Puglia

Volare…Cantare…ho, oh oh!


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In 1662 Leonardo Di Nucci was a shepherd moving his herds along the tratturi. the wide tracks that weave through Abruzzo and Molise down to the plains of Puglia. The Di Nucci family have been making award winning artisan cheese here in the Apennine hills, in Alto Molise, ever since.

Today, the 11th generation of the family use the same methods and ingredients of their forebears – a whey starter and raw milk, avoiding the use of any preservatives or milk enzymes. Their milk is sourced from carefully chosen local producers resulting in an amazing product in which you can actually taste the grasses and herbs of the seasons. No two cheeses are the same.



Franco Di Nucci took us around the small factory where the hand-made cheese is formed by a dedicated team of craftsmen.The visit was unforgettable – incredible smells and tastes. Franco is a superb speaker, giving us the family story in slow and very clear Italian and explaining carefully to our students when they got a bit lost. He is passionate about his family history and the rich artisan culture of this region. The love and attention that is poured into his produce is evident.



Caseificio Di Nucci continues to win international recognition, in 2013 gaining the ‘Supergold’ of the World Cheese Awards. Ricotta, stracciata, scamorza and caciocavallo are the most distinctive cheeses of this region.

As a surprise bonus to the visit we discovered that our driver, Fernando, is one of Franco’s valued milk suppliers!

That night we ate Di Nucci’s scamorza arrostita, using scamorza made from the same pasta as the caciocavallo. It was delizioso!

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