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A week or more in Puglia doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are plenty of great attractions, reasonably priced restaurants, and free events. Enjoy a great value holiday with our budget guide.

Ten things to do for under a tenner in Puglia

  1. Rent a bike and discover the countryside: flat, easy roads transport you to the countryside where you are surrounded by ancient olive groves and vineyards.brunch made in puglia (3)
  2. Try the real Apulian street food: panzerotti, rustici, focacce, tarallini and also frise. Stop by your local bakery; you will not be disappointed by these delicious regional snacks!
  3. Coast to coast by train or bus: a slow, bumpy journey starting from the old medieval city of Otranto on the east coast, stopping by Maglie and finishing at the magical city of Gallipoli on the Ionian coast, where you can watch the sunset over the sea.
  4. Watch the world go by, over a pre-dinner spritz. Choose the right spot in the main piazza in Ostuni, the white city, or in piazza Duomo in Lecce and enjoy la dolce vita2014-06-28 18.37.09
  5. Rent a kayak and discover laghi Alimini: a beautiful corner of Puglia, not far from Otranto, and as yet unspoiled by mass tourism. Shh, keep it secret!

6. Taste the real gelato. Take an evening stroll and taste a cono or a coppetta of amazing tasty ice cream!

7.Visit Ceglie Messapica,a beautiful old town with a historic centre, popular for good, authentic food.

8.Eat,dance and sing! Summer is the season of festivals, from typical music, dance, and food to religious events. Pick the one you like the sound of, or follow la notte della taranta and discover Salento, the deep south of Puglia.
torre guaceto9.Go hiking in the peace of a natural reserve by the sea: enjoy a long relaxing walk in Torre Guaceto.

10. Finally, book a free taster Italian class @ lacanto.it in Mesagne or italiahomestay.com and learn Italian, the language of music, love and art in Puglia…

by Antonio, Michela @ lacanto.it and Maria @ italiahomestay.com

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Learn Italian in Italy







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I arrived in Lecce after a long train journey from Milano and was happy to be met by Maria Rossini, my Italian teacher and host for the next two weeks, who created “Scuola Mondo Italia Homestay”.  Maria had arrived on foot and was waiting at the station for me with Maya, her cute, little pug dog.

Italian lessons given enthusiastically, varied and fun whilst adorable Maya slept, snoring quietly in her chair. The walls of the bright, large, teaching room displayed an amusing pictorial map of Italy and a large world map.

study italian in italy


The Sunday evening after my arrival Maria organised a convivial student dinner where I met other language students from Florida, Switzerland, Germany and Holland.

The teaching room was transformed into a candlelit supper room for the occasion where we ate pizza, salad and ice cream, washed down with the local vino, negroamano and primitivo. Later in the week the guys made dinner and each cooked a typical dish from their country.

A highlight of my homestay was the memorable visit to the Schiena Vini near to the small countryside town of Villa Castelli. Peppe led the way with Maria and our eleven strong party followed along a wide path down the middle of the pristine vines either side,treading on the deep red Puglian soil, high in iron content. Peppe’s philosophy of the vineyard is that everything is done by hand, a mano. Each whole bunch of grapes is carefully harvested by hand, no mechanism is used  and is without chemicals.

study italian in italy


On the way back to where we began the tour, we stopped to pick and eat ripe cherries from the fruit trees, the best I’ve ever tasted. After Peppe explained everything about the vineyard, he unlocked and rolled up the steel shutter of the building where we had first met and we were invited to step inside a large wine storage area. On a brightly decorated table a generous feast of local produce was laid out: baskets of fresh pane, formaggi, salame e prosciutto, simple fare but a wonderful sight for hungry visitors. Let the wine tasting begin!

by Susan Ann, student @ Scuola Mondo Italia Homestay

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Study Italian in Puglia: diario di un’insegnante

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Learning a new language is always a good challenge to fix a different pronunciation and phonetics. Very often some sounds are really difficult to repeat in order to produce the right native sounds.Sometimes it takes so much time to practice and you never feel confident and enough brave to start a conversation because of those awful sounds.

Dealing with the Italian pronunciation: ci; ce; lo; gli; gu… and all the vowels like a o u e i? Try to repeat the following words:Cisternino; Ceglie Messapica; Torre Guaceto; Locorotondo… what do they mean? Nothing, they identify just four lovely Apulian places. The theory is to learn by experience, and just follow us in our itinerary, it will probably help you to push and pronounce those names in the proper way.

Let´s start our pronunciation lecture: listen and repeat: Ci-ster-ni-no.

You will experience the sounds on the spot and discover that it is a picturesque southern town. Cisternino is so real and genuine, white houses, cobbled streets, small ‘piazze’. But more interesting is the fact that here you can eat such a good meat … more words to pronounce: ‘car-ne’ (meat and not cane> dog) and ‘fornello pronto’ (“ready macelleriaoven”), two common things in this place because they refer to the local butchers (macellerie) where people can select the meat they like and the butcher will grill it and serve it in front of them.




Again, listen and repeat: Ce-glie Mes-sa-pi-ca.

Ceglie Messapica is an interesting place to pronounce and visit, 20 minutes by car from Cisternino. It is a fantastic town, also well known for its great local trattorias and restaurants run by starred chefs. Also here you can taste a lovely coffee which is roasted by a family running factory. Once in the town, you can start wondering in the lovely centro storico, visit the castle and enjoy the ‘piazza’ where all the locals gather together for un caffè or un aperitivo. Great spot for your ‘people watching’.

Book now your Italian summer course

More phonetic exercise: Lo-co-ro-ton-do, five /O/…Oh! Locorotondo: have a very open and prominent mouth towards the front and start repeating it. The “O vowel town” is a third inland local place close to the others. As soon as you cross the old gate, you will  get lost in the Baroque historic centre. Start looking around you at the decorated balconies and grapevines climbing up to the old palaces. Everything  looks timeless, except the municipal clock on the top of an old building.

Final exercise, listen and repeat: Tor-re Gua-ce-to. Uhi…tough double /R/  /gua/ /ce/… keep on trying. Torre Guaceto is not far from the previous places, here you are already by the  beach, surrounded by a wild and scented Mediterranean nature, dunes, beach and blue sea… start cooling down and absorb all the sounds around you…!




Buon- viag-gio!

by Michela, teacher @ L’Acanto.it

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