Italian cinema in London: Paolo Virzì

Italian Cinema London is proud to present a retrospective of the work of Paolo Virzì, one of Italy’s best-regarded contemporary film directors.

Hailed as a major heir of the Italian comedy film tradition, Virzì has mastered the art of using tragi-comic characters and outlandish situations to make serious comments on modern-day Italy and its social issues.

His interesting and varied characters move naturally around Livorno, Virzì’s native city, often the protagonist of his films.
The Italian Cinema London team looks forward to welcoming you to this latest event at Riverside Studios to enjoy the work of this inimitable Italian director.


Date Event Venue Time
Fri 26 Oct The First Beautiful Thing Cinema 8.00pm
Sat 27 Oct My Name is Tanino Cinema 2.00pm
Sat 27 Oct August Bank Holiday Cinema 4.00pm
Sat 27 Oct The Man Who Hit His Head Cinema 6.50pm
Sat 27 Oct A Whole Life Ahead Cinema 8.30pm
Sun 28 Oct Caterina in the Big City Cinema 2.00pm
Sun 28 Oct Hugs and Kisses Cinema 3.50pm
Sun 28 Oct Living it Up Cinema 6.10pm
Sun 28 Oct Hardboiled Egg Cinema 8.25pm
Mon 29 Oct A Whole Life Ahead Cinema 6.45pm
Mon 29 Oct August Bank Holiday Cinema 9.10pm
Tue 30 Oct The First Beautiful Thing Cinema 6.30pm
Tue 30 Oct Napoleon and Me Cinema 8.50pm



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