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Migliora il tuo italiano con i film

The Italian Cinema Workshop is back with a new format

This short, online course is designed for intermediate and upper-intermediate students of Italian. It is aimed at students who wish to expand their knowledge of Italian cinema while improving their language skills. Students will be introduced to one new film each lesson. Through watching and discussing extracts from each film, students will develop a critical understanding of popular culture and Italian society. There will be a chance to practise all four language skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing), with emphasis on speaking. Students will also be offered extra content, guidance in self-study and be set optional homework tasks based on the film after each session. 

Duration of each workshop: 2.5 hours live session + extra content (video, articles and activities selected by the teacher).

WHEN: 21 November from 1.30pm to 4pm

A great way to learn Italian

Fee: £ 40

Limited spots available – Info & Booking:

Organized by: Italian Language services at Italian cultural institute

Films provide more than just entertainment. For students of Italian, watching films in Italian is a way to develop their language skills. Whilst watching a film you are immersed in the culture and the language and can pick up new expressions that you might not find in a textbook.

Understand an Italian film with me


Meet your teacher: Antonio has more than sixteen years’ experience teaching Italian in London to both native and non-native English speaker. He has designed, developed, and presented this unique workshop for the last 7 years. For him, the workshop is a project in progress, one that he is always trying to improve. He has developed a wide selection of material and activities to increase students’ participation and their knowledge of Italian Cinema. (Antonio Lucicesare’ LinkedIn profile)

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