Paolo Conte returns to the UK for one London concert. His records are good but his live shows are great. If you don’t know him, you should - imagine the voice of Tom Waits and the soul of Cole Porter inhabiting the body of craggily handsome Italian poet, painter and singer-songwriter. ( from London Jazz Festival ) [youtube 44wqc2gbbfY]
I am an Italian teacher with five years of experience teaching Italian to both native and non-native English speakers in London. I am currently employed as an Italian tutor at King’s College London and at The Italian Cultural Institute. In addition, I work as a freelance teacher for several language teaching agencies in the London area. I am particularly interested in the use of new technologies in language teaching and learning. If you have any suggestions or you want to get in contact with me send me an email to
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Antonio is not only a very friendly teacher, but he has this talent to explain everything in a simple manner. His classes are well structured and enjoyable, and he always summarises well the key points at the end. I truly enjoyed learning with him and he gave me confidence to speak and write in Italian. Read more…

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Fra pochi giorni comincia il Festival del cinema italiano a Londra con alcuni fra i migliori film degli ultimi mesi. Una commedia da non perdere sabato 17 aprile e'  EX di Fausto Brizzi con grandi attori come Claudio Bisio, Fabio De Luigi e Silvio Orlando. [youtube=]